Video Review: Don Toliver “After Party”

At night, Don Toliver gets into his sports car and talks with one of his friends. He speeds down the road while he and his friend dance in their seats. He gets out of his car and dances at the pumps at the gas station.

Lit in electric blue, he holds a stack of money at the club. Thousands of dollars litter the floor. He gives the finger. Lit in neon green, two people carry glow sticks at the club. Money falls on him as he sleeps on the couch. Lit in a hazy red, he tosses money at a young woman shaking her butt in his face. He smokes his cigarette.

Back in electric blue, he throws money out the window as he drives. Several young women shake their butts near him. Back in neon green, he sees money sitting by the couch and stares at it.

In lime green, he continues to drive through the city during the night.

Rating: 0/5

Don Toliver checks his pockets and says he can’t find his money. His friend chuckles and says they gave it all to the women. Toliver says he knows he had more than 5 dollars. His friend claps his friends and says he’s broke. Toliver tells him it’s not funny. They have to find his money. His friend tells him all right and starts touching the fabric of the booth.

Two young women dance by him and he turns them away. He walks into the main room and sees the money on the floor gone. He walks back and asks the young women who took it. The young women shrug and saunter off. Toliver curses and says he knows they stole his money. One of the young woman offers him a hundred dollars and says it’s from her tips. He pats her on the head and says he wishes everyone was a good as she was.

Toliver grabs his friend and says they have to get out of there. They speed through the city. At around 2 a.m., sirens ring behind him. Toliver curses again. The police officer asks him if he knows how fast he was driving. Toliver shrugs and says maybe 10 over. The police officer informs it was 50 over and writes him a ticket. He tells him to get him safely. Toliver grumbles in his seat while his friend giggles. He tells his friend to shut up. His friend says he’s just having the worst luck tonight.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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