Video Review: En Vogue “Don’t Let Go (Love)”

Dawn lies on the bed and bites her finger while a young man (Mekhi Phifer) takes photos of her with his camera.

At a party, he kisses Dawn on the cheek while Terry, Maxine and Cindy look on. Dawn sings directly to him as she stands in front with his two of his female friends.

Terry and the young man snuggle as they take a boat ride. Lit in cornflower blue, he opens the car door for Cindy. In the back of the limousine, they cuddle and kiss. Maxine feels his chest as he stands in his silk pajamas in her bedroom. She takes off his pajama shirt and kisses him.

While Maxine sings to him, he realizes she knows. Cindy throws her jacket at him. A young woman claps for them as he stares at the floor.

Rating: 4/5

The young man chugs the champagne in the kitchen. He watches as several people tell Dawn, Maxine, Cindy and Terry that their performance was wonderful. Dawn glances at him and responds that they were inspired. He walks over to them and says he has to agree. Dawn puts her hand on her hips. Terry shakes her head. Cindy clenches her jaw. Maxine says it had a message behind it and ask him if he got it. He replies it was received. Terry tells him, “good” and saunters off. They follow her.

Terry puts her hand on her forehead and says she can’t stand to look at him. Maxine rubs her back and says none of them knew. Dawn says it’s not over. She’s got her own personal revenge coming. Terry says it just hurts too much. She thought she could handle it. Cindy tells her she’ll get her a drink. Terry says it’s all right and says she’s going to leave.

Maxine runs into him as she heads to the bathroom. She glares at him as she says “excuse me.” He says they need to talk. She asks him he cheated on all of them. He says it wasn’t like that. Maxine says she’s still finding his underwear in her laundry. He says he understands and asks her to forgive me. She tells him “hell no” and walks back to her friends.

Maxine says he has a lot of nerve. Cindy crosses her arms and says he’s such a pathetic guy and that she can’t believe she fell for him. Maxine says she probably thinks the boat was someone else’s. Cindy nods and it was rented. Dawn says he didn’t even know why the boat was named what it was. It was the first red flag. They watch him leave the party. Dawn says “good riddance.” Cindy sighs and says she can now enjoy the party. Maxine says she’s going to get them some drinks.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 1996

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