Video Review: Sam Smith & Demi Lovato “I’m Ready”

A referee watches as Smith Smith and a young man circle one another during the wrestling tournament. Lit in electric blue, they pin the young man to the floor. Several other wrestlers compete in their matches near them.  A third young becomes glitter as his opponent slams him on the floor.

In a track meet, Smith, dressed in drag, runs with other drag queens in the race. Smith watches them on TikTok. They like the video, which includes them.

Demi Lovato stands backwards on the diving board. Several young men bend while they stand on the board. Lovato stands in the center while the young men stand to the side of her. As she walks, they dive into the pool.

Smith and the wrestlers perform a routine.

Smith and Lovato stand at the podium, wearing gold medals. Two young men tumble across the floor during the gymnastics routine.

Rating: 5/5

Demi Lovato talks to one of her swimmers. The young man says he’s worried another injury might happen. Lovato says they’ll call the doctor right away and if it proves too difficult, they’ll change it. She won’t risk his health and asks him to try again when he’s ready.

She walks back to her assistant, who asks her how it went. She explains he’s still skittish and they may have to replace him. However, she wants to try changing the routine first before even proceeding to that step. Her assistant says the injury really messed him up. Lovato says he has to believe in himself again. She claps him as he dives. She says that it’s practice and tells her team goodbye.

She was an accomplished athlete. In high school, she was all-state and competed in the Olympics as a teenager. There, she met Sam Smith. They competed in wrestling and became a celebrity not long afterwards. Lovato, after college, wasn’t sure what to do afterwards, partied until she blacked out. He got her into rehab and found her a job as a coach. She had to do well by him. He vouched for her. A year or so ago, someone had attacked him. At that time, he was between jobs. She paid his medical bills for him. It was the least she could do.

Director: Jora Frantzis Year: 2020

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