Video Review: Lumidee, Busta Rhymes & Fabolous “Never Leave (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)”

A traffic light turns green. A young woman claps. A young man (J.D. Williams) talks to his friend by a brick building. Busta Rhymes and Fabolous stand by a garage door. Lumidee talks with her friends and glances at the young man. A group of people perform a dance on the sidewalk.

She walks through the crowd of people. The young man spots her and stares at her while she stands by the restaurant. She grips the fence as she talks with a second friend. He looks for her as he walks on the sidewalk. The DJ stops playing the record. A 10-year-old boy asks for the remix.

Lumidee smiles as she stands next to Fabolous and Busta Rhymes by the garage.

Busta Rhymes sprays some hairspray in the grocery store aisle as a friend dances behind him.

Back in the neighborhood, several young men play a game of dominoes on a card table. A police car blares its siren as it drives by. The young man leans in to kiss Lumidee by the wooden fence. They see the police car and he says goodbye. Lumidee sits by the metal fence by herself.

Rating: 2.5/5

Lumidee drinks some vodka and hands it back to Busta Rhymes. He says that her man seems scared. She laughs and says he thinks they are probably together. She gauges his reaction as he tells her that they could get him jealous. She punches his arm lightly and tells him he’s mean. Rhymes shrugs and says he’s just telling the truth. Fabolous taps her on the shoulder and asks her to move. She apologizes and says she’s going to talk to the young man.

After she leaves, Fabolous tells Rhymes that Lumidee likes him. Rhymes handwaves it and says they are friends. He says she’s been hanging around with them almost all afternoon. He says she does not light up around the young man at all. Rhymes pus his arm on his shoulder and says it’s not a big deal. Even if it’s a crush, she has someone else.

Lumidee talks with the young man. He tells her she looks beautiful. She smiles and says it’s just jeans and a t-shirt.  She says a lot of people turned out the party. The young man says he’s worried one of the people is going to break something on the pavement. She says they’ve been practicing for weeks and it’s just a warm-up for them. They’ll be competing in another month. He asks her if he can kiss her. She looks at Rhymes putting his arms around another young woman. Nodding, she’s says she’s okay with it.

He says he hears sirens and tells her he doesn’t want to get caught. She lets out a sigh of relief as the young woman walks away. She tells him she’ll see him at school. He says he may need her notes to study. She tells him she’ll stop over on Sunday.

Director: Nzingha Stewart Year: 2003

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