Video Review: Nathan Dawe & Jaykae “Flowers”

A young man smokes a cigarette at night in London, England. He talks on his phone as he walks and takes the stairs to the subway. A young woman laughs with boyfriend at their home and films it on her phone. A second young man buys The Famous Grouse whiskey at the convenience store. A third young man zips up his coat as he looks in the mirror. A second young woman checks out her outfit as she dressed.

Nathan Dawe stands backstage while a crowd, lit in neon lavender, cheer behind the barricade. Dawe walks around the city.

A fortysomething woman carries a bouquet of flowers at the farmer’s market. Dawe sits in a booth at a club with his friends. A group of friends toast one another at home. The young man walks into Sainsbury’s. He picks up a bouquet off the shelf and runs out of the store. The young woman wraps her arms around herself as she stands by a wall of roses.

Jaykae multiplies. He sits on a chair in a warehouse. A duplicate of himself stands in the corner.

Confetti falls while Dawe plays his set. Young women dance to music. Back at home, the young woman bathes in petals. The young man continues to run as he holds up two bouquets of flowers. In black-and-white, he knocks on a door. A person lets him inside.

Rating: 4/5

The young man drinks his whiskey in the parking lot. He could do say the words to the young woman. However, as he checks his social media, he realizes it’s Saturday night and she’s likely out. Nathan Dawe was playing in one of the clubs she likes and she’d probably be there. She hadn’t mentioned anything online, though.

The young woman checks the fit of her jeans in the mirror and lets out her ponytail. She was bummed she couldn’t see Nathan Dawe, though. However, she was going to one of her friend’s house for a get-together instead. Her friend texts her, asking her where she is. She tells her that she’s on her way over.

A second young woman hugs her as she walks into her home. Her friend calls out that she’s here. Her old friends squeal and smile once they see her. She grins as her friend films them and posts it online. The young man responds with a laughing with tears in its eyes emoji. The young woman sees it and places it her phone back on the table. Sometimes it hurt too much.

The young woman lies in her bath. She only stayed an for an hour. The response from the young man rattled her. She was hoping he’d be there. However, it wasn’t meant to be. She hears a knock on her door. She gets dressed quickly and looks through the peephole. It was the young man. She opens the door for him.

Director: Stem Studios Year: 2019

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