Video Review: Maddie & Tae “Die From A Broken Heart”

A young man stares at a young woman as waves her hands to the radio during their road trip.

By the lake, Maddie, wearing a red dress, walks on the grass.

They hold hands as he drives. They chase each other around in the house. He lifts her up against the wall and carries her into the bedroom. He lays her on the bed. She runs her hand through his hair. Wearing a tank top and shorts, she flops on the bed by herself and thinks of the young man stroking her face. A tear rolls down her face as she lies in the fetal position.

Back in the car, she kisses his neck as he drives. He gives a ring as they sit on the couch. He puts it on her finger and they cuddle. He washes his face in the sink while she looks in the mirror. He grins as he gazes at her in her unbuttoned shirt and bra. She brushes shaving cream on his face.

In the bathroom, she takes off her robe and lies in the bathtub, tears streaming down her cheeks. They argue in his car. She slams the door shut and stands outside a store.

Tae sits on the chair while Maddie stands in the field.

She puts some meat on his plate and talks with him. He pulls away as she reaches for his hand. He shoves his plate away and knocks her hand into the wine glass. The wine spills on her dress. She throws food at him while he walks away from the table. Crying, she watches him close the door.

Maddie knocks on her door. The young woman hugs her.

Rating: 4/5

None of it made sense. She and her boyfriend had booked the hotel for their upcoming wedding. His friends were teasing her about his bachelor party. He had been snippy with her the past few weeks. However, he was like that sometimes and then he talked to her about it. She had touched his chest in bed and he put her hand back, saying he wasn’t in the mood. Usually, he was the one waking her up in the middle of night, early morning or both to sleep with her. It concerned her. However, she believed, whatever it was, they’d get past it.

Leaving her at the store an hour home was cruel. She had called her sister, crying for her to pick her up. She had looked around the store as she waited. The clerk had told her he was closing soon. She explained to him she didn’t have a ride and was waiting for sister. She apologized and told him it wouldn’t be too much longer.

On the counter, she finds the marriage preparation handbook given to them from the priest. She flips the page and sees a crumbled piece of paper. It was from the workbook. His answers had surprised her. The proposal was something he felt he had to do. It explained why he wanted to skip out on the retreat. She throws it in the trash and cries for the sixth time in the afternoon.

Director: Carlos Ruiz Year: 2019

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