Video Review: Omarion “Touch”

A young woman (Danielle Polancopulls back a red curtain as she talks to a friend. She spots Omarion on the balcony staring at her as she shakes hand with a few people. Looking over her shoulder, she says goodbye to her friends as they leave.

Omarion dances behind her as she walks in the city at night. She turns and shakes his butt at him.

He leans against a building and dances on the golden-lit road.

He runs into the restaurant as a car drives by. She waves to her friends. After they drive off, she dances with him in the middle of the road.

A group of friends dance with him on the sidewalk.

He puts his arm around her as they cross the street. She walks to her apartment building and holds the door open for him. He watches her wait for him as the elevator door opens. Grinning, he dances to the door.

Rating: 2/5

Omarion looks at the miniature landmarks on a shelf. He asks her if she’s traveled to France. She takes off his jacket and kisses him. She tells him they’ll talk in the morning and straddles him. He lays her on the floor and she rolls him over. Omarion grunts and lets her unzip his pants. He cups her chin in his hand and she tells him not to be so gentle.

A pinch in his ribs wakes him up in the morning. He sits up and sees the bruises on the his legs. She turns and grins at him. She asks him if he needs a Band-Aid or heating pad. He says he’s okay. She stands up and says she’ll get him an aspirin. He winces as he tries to get put his clothes back on. As he swallows the aspirin, she says she was rougher than she thought. He nods and musters a “goodbye.”

He leans against the building and rubs his thigh. There was an urgent care nearby. The doctors could at least take an x-ray. It was though he had the wind knocked out of him. However, as he continues to walk home, the pain starts to go away. At home. he makes himself some lunch. While on the couch, he stretches out his feet and falls asleep.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 2004

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