Video Review: Keedy “Save Some Love”

A ball rolls on the pier. The sand empties the hourglass on the table. Keedy slides on the floor. A pocket watch swings in the air.

Wearing a polka dot blouse and black leggings, she dances against a clear blue sky background. In a faux British army jacket, a white t-shirt and jeans, she continues to dance against a white background. Two young women, wearing goggles, stumble as they dance against the white background.

A fortysomething man lifts weights on the bridge at the beach. A camel snacks on some food. Wearing the faux British army jacket and jeans, she walks to the beach as the contortionist performs. She lifts up her shirt to show her stomach as she dances. She eats a banana and kisses a monkey. A twentysomething man rides his bicycle.

She puts on the twentysomething’s hat as she runs alongside him. Three young women, wearing goggles, dance underneath the bridge. While cuddling with a monkey, she gives the second monkey her hand and he holds it. The twentysomething picks up the banana peels. The fortysomething man walks with a zebra. She shines a snow globe on the twentysomething man as he continues to ride his bicycle.

Rating: 3/5

Keedy ignores the snickers as she walks on the boardwalk, wearing her faux British military jacket. She had made it after unable to finding it in a department store catalog. She shows it off for them  and blows them a kiss. A sixtysomething woman waves to her. She runs over to her and asks if she likes her newest creation. The sixtysomething woman says it’s so her and calls her a character. Keedy kisses her on the cheek and waves to the young woman behind the cash register. In the stockroom, she writes down her schedule.

She skips to the beach and dances by the bridge. A monkey sits by her and she asks it about his day. She offers it some bananas. He steals it from her and she says that nobody taught him manners. One of her friends walks over and says it’s time for a walk. Keedy takes the monkey’s hand and tells him about the beach. Keedy squeals and says she sees her crush. Keedy tells the monkey in her arms to go with her friend. She tells her friend she’ll catch up later.

The twentysomething man says she’s good with animals. Keedy takes his hat and says she wants to be a vet someday. He says he could see that. Keedy says they should race. She counts “one” and runs off. He says she didn’t say “two, three!” She laughs and says he’s too slow. He stops to catch his breath and says she’s a tough young woman to keep up with. She shrugs and says they should get some ice cream to cool off. He walks with his bicycle as she runs to the shop. She stands with her ice cream and calls him a slowpoke as he waits in line. He says he’ll get her back. She says “yeah right” and kisses him on the cheek. He put his hand underneath his open jaw. She says “life is short.”

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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