Video Review: Nafe Smallz & M Huncho “Part Of The Plan”

A curtain opens on stage. Nafe Smallz, as an astronaut, conducts an orchestra. A pitbull barks in parking lot. M Huncho and Smallz rap while a friend holds the leash.

Smallz, as an astronaut, dances on the empty stage.

A young woman sprays a table in the diner. Two young women laugh at him in his astronaut costume. Two young men cheer for him. He sits at a table while M Huncho, wearing a mask, raps at his seat behind him. A young man serves Muncho his meal. He stands up on the table while Huncho and Smallz rap. The people get up from their tables and dance.

Smallz takes a bow on stage.

Rating: 3/5

Nate Smallz smokes a cigarette while he hangs out with his friends. A friend of his asks if he’s going to the house party tonight. Smallz stamps out his cigarette and answers he’s going to skip it. His friend says he keeps missing the parties and they think he doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore. M Huncho says they already made plans. Smallz says they better leave now.

Smallz thanks Huncho as he walks to the car. Huncho says he’ll meet him at the restaurant. He walks into the restaurant, carrying his books and holds head up high while two young women tease him. As he passes by them, they hiss that he’s a nerd. He sits by Huncho. There was no one near him. People usually stared and inched away from Huncho. They believed he was a criminal. However, Huncho was the person who kept him out of trouble and foiled some of his friend’s planned heists.

Huncho says he’s going to miss him. Smallz tells he’ll still visit. Huncho shakes his head and says it won’t be the same. But he’ll think of him when he looks in the sky. Smallz bursts out laughing and says he’ll be plugging numbers inside an office at NASA. Huncho says but he’ll be up there someday. Smallz sips his soda and says he’ll have a decent job. It’s enough. Huncho says he’s proud of him.

Director: Teeeezy C Year: 2020

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