Video Review: Khalid & Summer Walker “Eleven”

At 11:11 p.m. in Los Angeles, California, Khalid and Summer Walker walk into a garage. A young man leans against a piece of wood and drinks while two young women talk to each other. Walker and Khalid get inside their cars. A young woman, wearing a hunter-green tie-dyed jumpsuit rubs her steering wheel and glances at the couple in the car to the left of her. Khalid stares ahead.

All four cars speed off. The young woman, in the lime outfit, jumps ahead. As they turn the cover, Walker takes the lead. Khalid swerves while the young woman, in the hunter-green tie-dyed jumpsuit, thinks to herself, “my plan is almost complete.” Khalid smokes his cigarette.

Walker gets behind the young woman’s car. It changes to a split screen as they stare at the road. Walker changes lanes and accelerates. Khalid sees Walker’s car in the passenger side mirror and makes a quick lane change. The couple try to speed up and as they get left behind, are wondering what happened. Walker gets in front of Khalid. Khalid steps on the gas and drives alongside her. He thinks, as he gazes her, “so we meet again.” Walker stares at him, thinking, “but this time, you lose.” They drive neck-to-neck.

Back at the garage, several people perform a dance routine.

Rating: 3/5

Summer Walker parks her car in the garage. Khalid tells her she ran an excellent race. Walker puts her arms around him and says he was a formidable opponent. He says he’ll beat her next weekend. She smirks and tells him it won’t be without a few improvements first. Walker walks over to the cooler and drinks a bottle of whiskey as she talks with her friends.

Khalid stands by himself. One of the mechanics tells him his car ran really well. Khalid says he’s going to work on it some more. The mechanic tells him that he heard Walker broke up with her boyfriend. Khalid bites his lip and says they always get back together. The mechanic says she hasn’t spoken to him in almost a month. Khalid nods. The mechanic says he should try. Khalid says he might and tells the mechanic he’ll see her next weekend.

Khalid unlocks his car. Walker asks him to stay a little longer. He says he has to work early in the morning. She asks him for a half hour. Khalid leans against his car as Walker kisses him. She says she’s been meaning to do that for awhile now. Khalid grins and says he can squeeze in an hour. Walker leans into him and he puts his arm around her waist.

Director: Daniel Russell Year: 2020

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