Video Review: Natalie Imbruglia “Wrong Impression”

Natalie Imbruglia sits in the backseat of the car while at the car wash. She rides her bike, drops it on the grass and dances. She sleeps at the movie theater. As the waves crash to the shore, she jumps in the water. While sitting in a diner, she touches her earrings and talks.

A young man stands behind her as she closes her eyes in the field. He kisses her neck and she smiles. She rides her bicycle in a neighborhood. Sitting on the grass, she peels an orange and tosses the skin. On the bike, she laughs as she lets go. She continues to walk in the field.

Rating: 3.5/5

Natalie Imbruglia passes by her boyfriend’s home as she rides her bicycle. She glances at his home and turns in the other direction. She turns right back and leaves her bicycle in his driveway. Ringing the doorbell, she paces at the door as she waits for him. There was no answer. As she walks back to her bicycle, he opens the door and invites her inside.

She says there was something she had to tell him. He offers her some coffee. She says no thank you and tells him she wants to know she didn’t mean to push him to talk to her. He says he didn’t take it that way. She nods and says she wants them to be on the same page. He squeezes her hand and notices how sweaty it is. He says they are going to get something to eat. She says she’s fine. He takes her hand and puts her bicycle in his truck.

Over dinner, he points to his lip and says she has some mustard on it. She blushes and wipes it with a napkin. He tells her not to be embarrassed. She says she was hungrier than she thought she was. He says he saw her riding her around and hoped she’d stop by. She says she was going back and forth to talk with him. He puts his hand in hers. She laughs and says she’s not like a stalker or anything. He says he’s not worried and takes out his wallet.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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