Video Review: Keith Urban “God Whispered Your Name”

Keith Urban plays his guitar as wood shavings from the ceiling of an home fall on him. He sits in a chair as he continues to play in the dark. He walks, staring at the floor, while a ceiling fan whirs. In the wall, some light shines through several holes.

He finds the holes in the wall and tears it apart. He watches as the sun rises over the mountains. As he stands on the mountain, he plays his guitar. Back in the home, he dances in the puddle of water. The sun sets as he walks.

Rating: 2.5/5

Keith Urban bumps into a wall and hits it with his fist. He leans his head and against the wall and sighs. He wasn’t ever going to get out of the house. Turning was making things worse. It took him in the wrong direction each time. He spent at least half hour second guessing himself.

While walking to the right, he starts to see some light. He glances at the walls and sees it reflecting from the fan. It had to be something better. He feels the wall and doesn’t touch a doorknob. The wall had to be destroyed. It was the only choice. He rips it and sees the sun.

Standing in the sun, it was as though a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. It was going to be okay. There was a way home. On his walk, he meets a woman and he asks if there was anyplace he could get water. She says she can show him and adds he’s not that far away from it.

She takes him to the hostel and pays for his night to stay. He takes a bed and says he’ll pay her back. She tells him he doesn’t have to. He asks if they have a way to get back into town. She tells him the shuttle leaves in the morning. They stay up all night and talk. She stands with him as they wait for the shuttle. He says it was good knowing her and hopes they’ll see each other again. She says they just might. He kisses her hand and takes a seat.

Director: Jennifer Massaux Year: 2020

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