Video Review: Stephanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass “Two Hearts”

Stephanie Mills dials a number on the phone and talks to the person. Teddy Pendergrass talks on the phone in the next phone. She carries the phone and walks over to him. They hold hands.

He plays the piano and watches as she dances towards him. She sits next to him on the bench and puts his arm around him.

In the family room, he pours her a glass of champagne. They laugh and clink their glasses together. Two cakes, each one with their names, sits on the table.

Rating: 4/5

Stephanie tells her mom she and Teddy received their anniversary gift. On the other phone, Teddy tells his mother-in-law he’s got the champagne on ice. She tells them to have fun on their trip next week. Teddy says they still have to pack. She tells them happy anniversary again.

Teddy unplugs the phone and says they aren’t talking to anyone else tonight. He turns down the lights and puts on some music. Stephanie tells him he’s got a one-track mind. Teddy laughs and asks her if she’d like some champagne. She raises her eyebrows and says it’s going to take a bit more than that. He kisses her neck. They kiss and cuddle on the couch. She puts down her fourth glass of champagne and says she needs to slow down. He smiles and says they’ll save it for another time.

In bed, he strokes her hair and says he’s the luckiest man alive. She asks if he remembers the flock of seagulls crapping on one of the groomsmen during the photos. He laughs and says they joked he was trying to get out taking more pictures. She rests her head on his chest and says she had a wonderful day with him. He kisses her and says he’s glad she’s happy.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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