Video Review: Brandy “Full Moon”

At night, Brandy walks to the balcony and looks through the telescope. A few neighborhoods over, she sees a party going on in one of the homes. She sees a young man, the owner of the home, greet his friends. He talks with some young women.

The waves crash under the dock as Brandy drives. She looks up at the full moon in the sky. She parks in his driveway. Wearing a light jacket and a tan, strapless dress, she walks down the steps to the family room. In the backyard, people jump in the pool. She takes off her jacket as he stares at her. Standing by the wall, she sees him talk with a second young woman. He leaves his conversation with the second young woman and walks to her.

Brandy sits in the bedroom. He opens the door and holds her hand. She puts on her jacket and he touches her face. They leave together. While she drives, he gazes at her. They park and view the moon.

Rating: 4.5/5

Brandy points to the spot of where she grew up. He points to the left and says he used to live on the East coast. He moved here about two years ago. She says she wanted to move far away to go to school when she was a kid. However, she’s close to her brother and wanted live near him. He points to the left and says he used to live on the East coast. He moved here about two years ago. He says he has two sisters and he wishes he could see them more. They come out for the summer. But he really only sees them if he flies out for the holidays.

She says she’s traveled but feels like she hasn’t seen much of anything. He says he’s gone on day trips and some hikes. However, he’s been most of vacations at home. She laughs and says they need to get out more. He says they should go hiking. She gestures to her shoes and says she lives in high heels. He says he’s sure there are a few stores open. She smiles and says “sure.”

She drops him off at home. In the backseat, she sees the pair of hiking boots. She’d had only known him a couple of hours and he was already getting her to try something new. He had mentioned camping and thankfully, thought her uncertain reaction was cute. She had told him she freaked out over a spider, let alone some bear roaming the park. He promised her there wouldn’t be any bears but told her he’d make her a checklist. She turns into her driveway and walks upstairs to her balcony. Through her telescope, she sees the lights dimmed in his home and sits in her chair, watching the full moon. It was as though he knew and they gravitated to another. It had been a supernatural experience to be with him.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2002

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