Video Review: Jax Jones, Martin Solveig & Raye “Tequila”

Wearing a plum cut-out dress, Raye walks up to the microphone and starts to perform on “Tequila LaLaLa.” One of the hosts (Jax Jones) claps along. Her band (Jones and Martin Solveig) dance on a platform behind her. The crowd dances to the song.

Three contestants compete on the game show segment. A young man with glasses (Solveig), a young woman wearing a pale pink pantsuit (Raye) and a second young man (Jones) play. She spins a 3 on the wheel. The host (Jones) plays keep-away with the money from the female audience member. He eventually throws it at her.

Against a background of fire, Solveig plays the saxophone while Raye dances. The hosts (both Jones) talks to a female audience member (Raye) who be Raye’s twin. Two golden squares appear. In the left, the hosts point to other part of the stage. On the right, Raye, wearing a bikini, dances against a palm tree landscape. During the game show segment, all three of them hit the buzzers.

The host awards the Golden Chair trophy to a fortysomething man in the audience. He’d been a loyal viewer for 25 years. He and his wife dance with Raye on stage.

Raye dances by herself against the background of fire.

The hosts thank people for watching and say they’ll see everyone next Saturday.

Rating: 3/5

Raye asks a question during the quiz show segment of Tequila LaLaLa. The two young men stare at her, drooling. The young woman rings the buzzer and gets it correct. Raye tells her she’s in the lead and cheers her on. She was hoping for the young woman to win. Contestants usually practiced for years and took it seriously. The quiz show segment was the most lucrative and long-running part of the show. One winner had even become a celebrity. A scandal broke out 5 years ago that several contestants had been cheating. The rules had been changed immediately. The men start to catch up and Raye smiles at the young woman to encourage her. The young woman eventually wins and Raye congratulates her during the commercial break.

She bites her nails while the young woman thinks of the answer in the final round. The young woman answers correctly and Raye stands up to clap. Raye races up to the stage and dances with her as they celebrate her trip to Europe. Tequila LaLaLa was known for being laid-back and conversational. Celebrity guests, like her, were reminded they were no better than contestants and to be nice. A couple years ago, a well-known star had been rude to the contestants during the quiz show segment. They were never asked back and their career didn’t recover.

The executive producer tells her she’s welcome back at anytime. She drinks some champagne and eats some appetizers. Sitting next to her manager, she says the executive producer really liked her. Her manager says she’s solidified her reputation as everyone’s best friend. She kicks off her high heels and says it’s time to party.

Director: Santi& Pablo Year: 2020

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