Video Review: Queen Latifah “U.N.I.T.Y.”

Queen Latifah and Treach toast to one another in a bar.

She catches her keys in her hands and wears them around her neck as she rides a scaffold. Some children run on the sidewalk. A young man plays the saxophone by the apartments at night.

She moves through the crowd on the sidewalk and raps in the street. She rides a motorcycle on the bridge. Several of her friends follow behind her during the day. At night, they park and hang out. As the scaffold moves up and down, the men in the apartment building holler at her.

She talks with her friends as they walk on the sidewalk. A young man squeezes her butt as he passes by her. She calls him out. The scaffold moves back and forth at the construction site. Her boyfriend stops the truck and pulls her by the head into his lap. She covers his head as he hits her. Her children sit in the back, crying. Her children sit on the sidewalk, suitcases at their side while she talks to their dad on the pay phone.

Some of her friends join her on the scaffold. She revs up the engine of her motorcycle as she sits in the street. She talks with her friends by an abandoned home. The crowd runs into the street and engulfs her as she continues to rap.

Rating: 5/5

Queen Latifah turns off the television and tells her children it’s time to do their homework. Her daughter says she was going to study after the show. Her son says it wasn’t over yet. She says they can watch in reruns and go to their rooms. As she gets dinner ready, her son walks up to her with some of his homework. He asks for help with a question. She talks it out with him and he figures out the answer. He says he only has one more question to go and he’ll be down for dinner. She ruffles his hair and tells him not to rush. He promises he won’t as he runs up the stairs.

She picks up the phone and hears her daughter talking with her friend. She tells her daughter the conversation is over and waits for her to hang up. Her daughter sighs and tells her friend goodbye. Her daughter glares at her while she sits at the table. She asks her if they were talking about homework. Her daughter grumbles, “yes.” She says she’ll go over with her before bed. Her daughter whines, “can’t you just get a boyfriend or a hobby.” Queen Latifah shakes her head and tells her to eat her dinner.

Her daughter comes up to her while she’s doing the dishes and says she’s sorry. She was just irritated and that’s she’s a good mom. She hugs her daughter. Her daughter says dad tried contacting her at school. She pleads with her do please do something. She’s afraid he’s going to come back and beat them again. Queen Latifah says she scared, too and that she’ll contact the court in the morning. Her daughter races up stairs. Queen Latifah closes her eyes. She had to be strong.

Director: Mark Gerard Year: 1993

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