Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “Level Of Concern”

Tyler adjusts the video camera on the tripod. He stands in his studio and plays the guitar. He takes out of the USB flash drive and places it in a manila envelope. Walking to the end of his lawn, he puts it in his mailbox.

Josh watches Tyler’s video on his laptop. He sets up his video camera and puts the USB flash drive in it. He plays the drums. Sometime during the day, he places it in his mailbox on his lawn. They exchange the USB flash drive back and forth.

Tyler’s wife holds their baby as he shows her what to do with the flashlight. Josh opens a package of glow-in-the-dark stars on a chair. He and his fiancé, Debby Ryan hang them up on the wall. Ryan lifts Josh the best she can to fill in an empty part of the wall. Tyler shines a flashlight on the wall. Tyler’s baby squints as the lights flash. Tiny multi-colored strips of light shoot past Josh’s mouth as he plays the drums. Ryan smiles as she films him.

Tyler puts the USB flash drive in his mailbox and says hello to Josh, who lives next door.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tyler strums his guitar. Usually, the words flowed. However, with the constant worry about his family, nothing came to mind. His wife wanted to go take a walk and he reminded her to stay 6 feet and don’t stop anywhere. She assures she’ll be okay. He tells her to just come straight home. His neighbor, Josh, texts him and asks him how he’s doing. He explains that he’s been shaky and can’t think. Josh replies Debby’s been trying to keep him busy but it’s not working. They tell each other to stay safe and they’ll meet for dinners once it’s safe again.

Debby returns from the grocery store with some glow-in-the-dark stars. He says he hasn’t seen them since he was kid. Debby says they need some cheering up around their home. They spend the day together hanging up the stars. She turns off the light and he notices a section that needs some stars. He leaps on her. She winces and asks if he’s all right. She says it’s her shoulder. He sticks it to the wall and checks her shoulder once he gets down.

Debby mentions she talked to Tyler’s wife while in the backyard today. She says their baby is getting so big. Josh says Tyler has sent him videos but it’s not the same. Josh says they talk from their driveways. However, he has hard time hearing him and they keep their conversations short. Debby tells him when it’s all over, they are going to hold a barbecue and invite their friends and family over. Josh kisses her and says he hopes everyone he will be able to attend. Debby coughs and Josh checks her forehead. He sighs once he’s realizes it’s cool to his touch.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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