Video Review: Hardy Caprio & SL “XYZ”

The screen reads, “the label wanted us to come back with an afroswing song. ‘What about one of those drill style songs.’ Maybe next time (P.S. If you’re here from Hollywood, this is for you.”

Hardy Caprio rubs his chin as he looks at a black-and-white photos on the wall. He hangs out with some women at the park. He and his friend wait for their food at the restaurant. In black-and-white, he and his friends wear masks as they walk around the neighborhood.

Back in color, the young women stand by a car at his house. He talks with the two police officers. The police officers stake out building. He and the young women sit in a limousine. The police officers arrest two young men. Caprio shows SL a picture in his office. SL hangs out with his friends on the sidewalk. He calls the police. The police open the trunk of the car. They find a roll of toilet paper. Caprio finds an empty bottle in the bag and hits the table.

Rating: 2.5/5

Hardy Caprio almost had SL. However, SL had been one step ahead. In the office, he meets with his bosses. They tell him he’s taking him off the investigation. SL knows he who he is now. Caprio shrugs and says he’s turning his notice. Over the past few months, he’d become friends with SL’s acquaintances and fell in love with his cousin.

While at the park, he tells his cousin he has a secret to tell her. He says SL knows he’s a cop. She gasps and calls him a traitor. He says SL is in trouble and they need to get out town. His cousin points to the door and tells him to leave. He pleads with her to listen and to take it seriously.

SL explains how Caprio’s face fell once he realized he was duped. His cousin walks in and says she has to tell him something. She says Caprio is no longer working for the police. He wants to be one of them. SL says Caprio’s welcome but he has to earn their trust. His cousin tells him to be gentle. SL says it’ll be one small prank.

Directors: Luke Biggins & Hardy Caprio Year: 2020

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