Video Review: Lily Allen “Smile”

Lily Allen sits in bed and eats candy. She sighs and flops on the the right side of the bed. Her boyfriend cuddles with her as they nap. He reads to her.

On the corner, she gives a fortysomething man some money. She points out her boyfriend and walks away. The fortysomething man gathers a group of several young people and hands them the cash. As her boyfriend talks on the phone, a young woman shoves him. Allen smirks as she watches the group of people kick her boyfriend as he lies on the ground. Her boyfriend walks up to her and asks if she saw that.

She stirs her coffee and stares off into space as he talks in the restaurant. They sip their coffee. Two young men kick open the door to his apartment and ransack it. They scratch his records and break his furniture. Back at the restaurant, he walks to the bathroom and she slips laxatives into his coffee. She bursts out laughing after he leaves.

At his apartment, his jaw drops once he sees the broken furniture. He clutches his stomach and runs to the bathroom. He goes over to Allen’s house and says he doesn’t feel good. He groans in pain while sitting on the couch.

He puts on the headphones at the club and tries to play his records. She grins as she walks on the street at night. Another DJ takes over as he stands in the corner.

Rating: 1/5

Lily Allen’s boyfriend lines the cover of his albums. Some of them were rare and too expensive to replace. He calls up his girlfriend at 1 a.m. and tells her his life is over. She “uh huhs” and tells him it’ll be all right. He tells her they have to go record shopping tomorrow or he’s going to lose his job.

At the record store, he picks out some promos and takes them to the register. Allen says she’ll meet him at the diner. He says he doesn’t want to go back. Their food make him sick the last time. She says it was probably from drinking too much. As he carries his bag of albums, two young men rob him. He sits on the sidewalk and cries. Horrible things kept happening to him and wish he knew why. It had to end sometime.

At the restaurant, he gags at the table. Something was wrong. He excuses himself and runs to the bathroom. A young man knocks on the door and asks if he’s okay. He says he’s not but he’ll feel better. He says the food hasn’t been agreeing with him lately but his girlfriend is fine. The young man tells him he may not to want to hear it, but his girlfriend may be doing something to it. He shrugs as he washes his hands, saying it’s not like her.

However, as he walks home, he realizes she was the only one who knew about the record store. Whenever he goes to the diner with his friends, the food doesn’t bother him. He calls the police about the robbery. The police say they’ll investigate. He should’ve told them about the robbery. However, she had discouraged him. Over at Allen’s house, he tells her he filed a report. She freaks out at him, saying it’ll only cause more trouble and that it’s unsafe. He says he’s not feeling well again and going home. Standing to the side, he sees two men approach his car and he chases them away. On the weekend, he receives a call from the police, telling him they received new information. At the station, he sees Allen struggling in handcuffs. He waves to her and smirks.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2006

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