Video Review: 702 & Missy Elliott “Steelo”

A basketball coach in Boston, Massachusetts, says that when he thinks of “dreams, ghetto, Shake ‘N Bake. It was real fly. Now it’s a Biv10 thing.” Some 13-year-old boys dribble the basketball as they walk to the YMCA. They get their uniforms. As the 13-year-old boys play, their parents and friends watch. The coach “we are still movin’ the crowd, makin’ layups. It’s a big huddle.”

Irish, LeMisha and Kameelah leave the basketball court as their friends play. Wearing navy blue warm-up uniforms, they dance in the gym. They sing together against a fire orange background. Kameelah points her finger as she dances with Irish and LeMisha by some balloons against a white background.

They sit in the bleachers and watch their boyfriends play basketball. Some guys flirt with them. LeMisha tells the young man next to her “no” and waves her finger at him. The referee breaks up a fight between a group of young men.

Irish holds hand with her boyfriend as they walk past the bridge. Kameelah sits with her boyfriend at a picnic table. LeMisha and her boyfriend hang out at the pier. Missy Elliott raps against the fire orange background. She stands in the gym as the dancers perform their routine.

Wearing yellow outfits, they dance with the other young women in the gym.

Rating: 3.5/5

LeMisha stands up in the bleachers and claps for her boyfriend. Irish turns to her and says that was an awesome shot. LeMisha says all the practice has been paying off. Kameelah asks if he’s trying for a scholarship. LeMisha folds her arms and says he wants one and they’ve been trying to get a recruiter out to the recreational center. A young man says to Kameelah that he’s going to be majoring in business. Kameelah nods and cringes as she returns to the game. A second young man tells LeMisha her boyfriend just is a boy and she needs a man. LeMisha tells him to stop it.

Kameelah tells her boyfriend, as they walk to the grocery store, that she hopes she does well on her test. Her boyfriend says she has got the information done pat. She’ll get an A. Kameelah puts her hand on her chest and takes out the grocery list. He grabs a cart and glances at the list.

Irish dabs her boyfriend’s face with a washcloth. She said he got hit really hard in the fight. He says coach is going to suspend him for two games. She says he wasn’t supposed to hit anyone. He says they were saying awful things about her and he had to defend her. Irish kisses him and says he has to think of himself. Basketball is a way out. Her boyfriend says he’d do it again. She puts a bandage on his face and says it should be good now. He tells her loves her. She hugs him and says she hopes the coach changes his mind.

Director: Brian Luvar Year: 1996

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