Video Review: Sam Hunt “Hard To Forget”

Sam Hunt brushes his teeth as he walks around his room at the Sunshine motel. Drinking his coffee, he opens the door and watches a fortysomething man walking around, dressed as a clown. An 8-year-old puts on sunglasses in her room. Two thirtysomething tattooed guys play cards on a card table on the grass. A fiftysomething woman carries a watermelon with a straw and sits on the lounge chair by the pool.

A fiftysomething man holds a gun in his hand and twirls it in his room. The two thirtysomething tattooed men fight. Hunt walks to general store and notices the sign, “forget the dog. Beware the owner.” The fortysomething man drinks beer in his room. A goat climbs off the bed as the fiftysomething man twirls the gun. The goat runs out of the room. The 8-year-old girl waves to Hunt as he sits on his chair. The fortysomething man wipes off his makeup. The 8-year-old girl dances in the parking lot. Two women walk the goat on a leash.

Hunt plays checkers with a friend on the card table. His friend moves the pieces with his hands. Lit in a hazy red, several young women dance in their room. Hunt sits at the diner and eats dinner. The 8-year-old girl continues to dance in the parking lot at night.

Rating: 2/5

The 8-year-old girl poses in her motel room. Her mom says she’s going to work and be good. She gives her mom a kiss and walks on the pavement. She knocks on the next door and peeks through the window. The room was empty. The clown man waves to her and she hides. Her mom told him to stay away from him. The clown man scared her and he always smelled like beer.

Sam Hunt calls to her. She runs to him and gives him a drawing. He says it’s so good and that he’s going to hang it on his wall. She says her mom went to work and no one’s next door. He says he’ll watch her during her mom’s shift. Her mom had been evicted from her apartment 6 months ago. She was trying to get back on her feet and saving up for another home. The 8-year-old says “watch me dance!” He cheers for her. She sits next to him and says she has homework to do. Opening up her backpack, she takes out her math workbook and solves the problems. She asks him for help and he says he’s going to ask her mom.

Around 6 p.m., her mom picks her up and apologizes for being late. He says she was good and did her homework. She says she petted a goat. Her mom says to Hunt, “the crazy cowboy guy was supposed to leave.” Hunt says cowboy guy is in between rodeos. Her mom puts her hand on her face and sighs. She says he’s one of the few normal people here. Hunt waves goodbye to the 8-year-old girl. Back in his room, he hangs up the drawing on the wall.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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