Video Review: Little Mix “Break Up Song (Version 2)”

The announcer of LMTV, says at 6:15 a.m., according to the animated clock, that “it’s time to wake up, shake up, put on that morning makeup for today’s LMTV Good Morning Break Up.”

An animated Leigh-Anne sits on the couch, reading the newspaper as she discusses current news. An ad features her hotline. An interstitial for Jesy’s segment introduces her. Wearing a pantsuit, she points to a cloud.  The cloud breathes ice and she holds onto her skirt. Leigh-Anne puts her hand by the television for the next segment, Live Performance.

During the Live Performance, Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jade perform in their own triangles with matching plum tinsel. Within an animated broken heart, Leigh-Anne and Jade sing. While an animated yellow star throbs against a bubblegum pink background, Perrie sings in her curved circle. In a triangle, Jesy reads an issue of Jackie magazine. Leigh-Anne holds up the single cover.

An interstitial features the next segment: Perrie’s Morning Motivation. An animated Perrie works out with two young men. As the men lift dumbbells, she touches their chests. The sun, wearing sunglasses, gives two thumbs up as Jesy fans herself. She takes off her pantsuit and dances in her bikini.

Perrie sings within an animated record.

In Fashion Now, they wear the current runway designs. Jade looks into a mirror and drinks some milk.  Two animated hands move over a crystal ball for Jade’s Daytime Destiny. Smoke billows while Jade moves her hands. Inside the crystal ball, Jade, wearing a gold dress, dances.

Leigh-Anne kicks up her legs as she watches the Live Performance on the couch. Within an asymmetrical circle, Jesy blows her hair-dryer at Perrie, who is in her own circle.

The announcer laughs as the show ends at 8:15. He says “well, that was fun. Thanks for watching and see you next time.”

Rating: 5/5

Circa 1989, Leigh-Anne reads letters sent to the show, asking for relationship advice. The young women wipe away tears in the audience as she finishes reading. Leigh-Anne tells the specific young woman, that if she’s watching, to know she does have the courage to leave. She tells her to take the dream job and forget the boyfriend. She can do and will do better. She transitions to the weather.

Jesy flirts with the sun as she reports the weather and scolds the cloud for being inappropriate.

Leigh-Anne, who has changed into leggings and a leotard, says she’s ready to work out. Perrie says “hello!” and demonstrates some new crunches. She gives fitness tips and encourages the young women to eat healthy. Perrie does a high-kick and says she’ll see everyone tomorrow.

Leigh-Anne waves her fan in front of her face and says she’s worn out. She says she wants to know her future now and says it’s time for Jade’s Daytime Destiny. Jade reads the horoscopes for every sign. She states, though, not everything is written in the stars. They are in charge of their fate and don’t despair over a negative reading.

Leigh-Anne sips her coffee and they have to talk to the members of the audience. She invites a young woman to the couch. The young woman says she’s studying to be a doctor. Leigh-Anne says the show would like to give her money towards books. The other young women clap in the audience. She tells them to have a good rest of the day.

Leigh-Anne walks out of the studio and into her office. She lies down and takes a nap on her break. Around 11 a.m., she eats her lunch and prepares ideas for shows. Her boss calls her into the office and says he has everyone on the line. She tells Perrie, Jade and Jesy “hello.” The boss says the show is growing and they want it to go national. Leigh-Anne puts her hand on her heart. Perrie squeals and says she’s finally going to have her own line of videos. Jesy says it’s a dream come true.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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