Video Review: Nelly & Tim McGraw “Over and Over”

In a split screen, Nelly and Tim McGraw hit the alarm clocks as they lie in their beds. Nelly stands outside his home.  Back in the split screen, they both lie in bed and look at framed photos of Ciara (left) and Faith Hill (right). McGraw sits at the fireplace in the bedroom.

Back in the split screen, they both take a shower. They put on their belts and shoes. As they leave their homes, they get into the car and drive to the airport. A little boy waves to Nelly (left). At the gas station, they sign autographs for fans. They park and watch the sunset. Driving into the airplane, they grab their luggage and walk to their private jets. They dial Ciara (left) and Hill (right) and don’t get an answer. They fly in the airplane.

Rating: 2/5

Nelly asks for relationship from Tim McGraw at the bar. McGraw says he talks to Faith whenever he can. It helps him to get through the days when she can’t come on tour. He suggests that maybe he and Ciara set up something with their managers. Nelly says he’ll look into it. McGraw says it’s gotten tough. However, he’ll find a way. As long as they love each other, they can work it out.

Nelly calls up Ciara and says he misses her. Ciara says she’s preparing for a promo interview but she can talk to him afterwards. Nelly sighs and tells her he’ll be at his concert. Ciara says she’ll be flying out for his show next week. Nelly says he’ll save a spot for her. Ciara says he’s going to do great. Nelly says they should coordinate their schedules for the next tour. Ciara says she’ll talk to her manager.

McGraw calls him and asks him how it went. Nelly tells him she seemed uncertain. He says he’ll know if Ciara is the one. He says he knew right away with Hill. Nelly says he loves Ciara and hopes she feels the same. McGraw says they didn’t choose easy lives. Nelly says he’ll have time in a couple of months. But it’s going to lead an important talk. McGraw tells him to not to be afraid and take the risk.

Directors: Erik White & Nelly Year: 2004

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