Video Review: Florida Georgia Line “I Love My Country”

While Brian gives his children a ride in the stroller, his daughter says, “I love my country, Daddy.” He asks her “Wait, What do you want to hear?” She responds, “I love my country.”

A pickup truck speeds through the mud. A young man, standing at the lake, asks, “so this is far enough, right?” The second young man, carrying a rifle, dances and says “you can dance with her.” A shirtless third young man shoots an arrow into a beer can. He drinks from the beer can.

Brian plays the guitar in the family room while the dog wag its tail. His wife and children smile as they sit on the carpet.

An 8-year-old boy, wearing a cowboy hat, sits on the grass. A thirtysomething woman sips a large drink as she sits in her Jacuzzi. A twentysomething woman captures a bottle of beer from the lake. A thirtysomething man screams as he drives his car.

Brian sits in the back of his pickup truck, his feet on the sand.

A second twentysomething woman points to her horses, Sunday and Monday. A fortysomething swings on a tire attached at to a tree. A third twentysomething woman fires off her rifle in the field.

In a split screen, dozes of boxes of people across the southern areas of the United States dance. A family dances on their driveway. The thirtysomething woman sticks out her tongue as she shaves her boyfriend’s head. A second twentysomething woman lies in the field of flowers. Two fortysomething men drink beer as it drops from the ceiling in the garage. A fourth twentysomething woman hangs the American flag out of the passenger door as she drives with a friend. A twentysomething man jumps over a pile of dirt with his ATV.

Rating: 1/5

The people in the United States that wave their flag around their homes and cars declare themselves patriots and true Americans. Although they can’t afford certain items such as a jet ski, they create their own. The money is saved up for guns and ATV’s, though. However, it involves trips to the hospital, which almost bankrupts them.

There is no problem that can’t be solved with guns. In America, particularly in the south, the gun must be carried like a blanket, providing protection even to the general store. To be without a gun is the same as being naked. Beer, though, is the daily drink. Soda and coffee is for the liberal coast elitists. They can’t handle their liquor nor any sort of overwhelming pure, love for the United States of America.

Nonetheless, they are the self-described Americans who matter and should have more say those treasonous liberal coast elites who criticize and stereotype without a care. With their guns, beer and flag, they are ones who shout the loudest while minimizing others who they perceive to have taken from them.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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