Video Review: Jaki Graham “Breaking Away”

Jaki Graham drives her car past the mountains as two young women, wearing bathing suits, dance on the cliff. Graham, wearing navy blue pants and a white jacket, dances on the same cliff while one of the young women sunbathes.

Wearing a striped shirt and white pants, she walks by a shirtless young man on the dock. The sailors turn to stare at her as they see her walking. Wearing a zebra print shirt and hot pink jacket, she dances on the yacht while the men drive it.

A young man waves a flashlight by a young woman sitting by the pool. Graham leans on the lounge chair in the corner. In a triple split screen, a second young man dives into the pool. A second young man sits in the lounge chair while a group of young men dive into the pool. She walks down the stairs of her open-air home.

Against a royal blue background, she dances while wearing a hot pink blouse and black leather skirt.

Graham dances on the sailboat.

Rating: 4/5

Jaki Graham reads a magazine as she waits for her laundry at the marina’s laundromat. A young man, in a sailor uniform, winks at her and she grins at him. She sees him talk with his friends as they walk to the restaurant. They were likely on leave. There was a base nearby and she saw sailors drifting about throughout the year.

She gathers up her clothes and puts them in a bag. Taking the keys, she heads for her boat. The young man and his friends ask her about her boat. She explains she bought it once she moved into the area. Growing up, she only could go to the water during the summer. She had wanted to live on the waterfront since she was a child. They ask if they could ride with her. They’ve never been on a yacht before.

At the steering wheel, she tells them they can put it in cruise control and enjoy the ride. They tell her they don’t mind. She dances as the puts on the radio. They shout that they love the song. She urges for them to join her. A few jump in the water and swim. She dances with the sailors for an hour.

Checking her watch, she says she has to go back home. Back at the dock, she said she enjoyed their company. To the young man, she says he can cool off with her if he wants. He nods and runs to friends. Walking back, he puts his arm around her and says he’s all hers for the rest of the day. She pours him a glass of wine and asks him about his training as they return to her yacht.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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