Video Review: Aerosmith “Amazing”

A young man (Jeremy London) puts in a disc in his computer while he sits in his messy bedroom. On screen, he sees a young woman (Alicia Silverstone) puts her hands on her knees while she leans forward in the desert.

Steven rubs his hand across his face as he sits in a tunnel.

The young man chooses video on the menu. He picks Aerosmith’s video, “Cryin.” He turns the web camera to him and takes a picture. On screen, he cuts his hair short and fixes his chin.

Steve kicks up his legs and plays the guitar. Joe plays the drums.

The young man watches them play in several videos on screen. “Password Invalid” and “Access Denied” flashes across the videos. He puts his head down on the desk and lies in the bed. Standing up, he tries again. “Access Granted” as the videos with the young woman play.

He turns the web cam to his toy motorcycle. While putting on the gloves, he sees the message that it’s been loaded into the system. Wearing the virtual reality helmet, he swipes the screen. On the screen, he rides the motorcycle. He grins at the young woman. She turns up her nose at the helmet and walks away. Back on the computer, the young man changes her personality to be more friendly.

They ride as the sun sets. He pops a wheelie. While parked, he leans in the seat as she sits up, staring at him. They make out. Somewhere in the tunnel, a two statues – a viking and a turquoise woman – stand. A plastic bottle falls onto the keyboard, spilling soda over it. He cleans it up with a towel.

Back on screen, he presses “replay” with his glove. Joe plays guitar by a skyscraper. They throw off their helmets. The statues meld together. Steve, Joe, Tom, Brad and Joey break their instruments on the wall. She kisses him. The statutes swirl in a museum. The pavement breaks beneath Joe and he moves. A cigarette appears on the screen. A message reads: “Surgeon General Warning: No danger from cybersmoke.” The young man puffs on a cigarette.

He facepalms his helmet as he tries to fix his motorcycle. The young woman puts her arm around him and walks in the desert with him. He sticks out his thumb for a ride. A car passes by them. She sticks out her thumb and dances. An airplane slows down. The pilot urges them to get inside. They hang onto the wing. On the menu, he chooses sky surf. They twist and turn in the sky on their boards.

The printer prints a photo of the young woman on the screen. He adds it to his clothesline of photos of model. He turns his head. The young woman presses print on her computer. She takes off her virtual reality helmet and smiles.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman clicks her mouse to the chat function. For about about a year, she and the young man have traveled on every continent, bungee jumped, played in a rock band and built a city from scratch while playing in the virtual reality program. The chat feature was recently added. She types “hello” and waits for an answer. After a short pause, he responds with “hi.”

While they search for animals during a safari, she asks him where he’s from. He says he’s from Minnesota. She says she lives in California. She suggests they should meet up. He says that it would be cool and says he could take the time off work.

As they ride a hot air balloon, he says they should go to Vermont. She says she’ll call her travel agent and find a deal for them. He sends her his address to mail the plane ticket. She says it’s going to be awesome to finally meet him.

At the airport, they hug. She says he’s a bit shorter than she expected. He laughs and says just about his height. She hands him her itinenary and says it can be changed. He nods and says he may have to skip the snorkeling. She “hmm’s” and says she thought he would love it. He loved swimming while they were in the Atlantic Ocean. He says he can’t swim and the water scares him. She says that it’s all right and they can do something else.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1993

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