Video Review: Doja Cat “Boss Bitch”

Doja Cat, wearing a leather bra top and pants, hits a henchman with a baseball bat by the newspaper building. From the 2020 film, Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) jumps in the air as she hits a henchman with her baseball bat in a stockroom.

Wearing glittering platform heels, a red wig with ponytails and a gold bodysuit, Doja Cat stands in the club. She shoots a bazooka from the window of a building.  In a clip, Quinn watches the explosion in the street. She rubs her hands as she views the fireworks. She laughs as she slides down a tunnel into her lair. Cat’s head spins in red-and-black spiral.

Cat holds a bazooka while royal blue and fire engine red smoke swells behind her. In a clip, Quinn takes a piece of wood from a police officer. Confetti covers him as she knocks him out with it. Back at the club, Cat bites her glove as she sits at a table with her friends. In a clip, Quinn dances at a club.

Cat flirts with a mannequin head sitting on the counter at the bar. In a clip, Quinn talks to several young men at the bar. Quinn hangs onto the pole and dances.

Cat dances as people form a conga line. She licks her lips. People continue to talk at the club. Cat puts her finger to her lips.

Rating: 4/5

Doja Cat orders a drink for Harley Quinn. Quinn says that her Puddin’ has some real feelings. It’s just that he’s so damaged. Cat tells her he put her down and gaslit her whenever he did something wrong. Quinn says she just doesn’t know him. Cat shakes her head and tells her to drink the martini. Quinn shrugs and with a smile, slurps on the drink.

Cat keeps an eye on Quinn as she talks with several men. The Joker really did a number on her. Apparently, at one point, Quinn was sane and law-abiding. However, The Joker corrupted her. Even though she and Quinn coordinated heists together, she had to tell Quinn to tone it down. She was a wildcard and could go off at any moment.

Quinn walks back to the table and holds up a wallet. She says one of the young men was whispering in her ear and she had to take it. She searches through his wallet and “aww’s” at his kids. She sees his wife and lets out a playful gasp. She puts the photo of his wife in her pocket. Cat asks her what she’s thinking. She says she has to get the wife out of the way. She and the young man made a connection. Cat puts her hand on hers and says they are plenty of men to get to know. Quinn pouts and says he’s the one she’s liked best so far. Cat says she’ll help her plan something later. However, she says there’s a second young man checking her out. Quinn nods in approval and tells her not to wait up. Cat puts her head in her hands. She loved Quinn with all her heart but she was a handful. She texts Helena and lets her know they may have to sabotage one of Quinn’s plans. Helena texts back a facepalm emoji.

Director: Jack Begert Year: 2020

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