Video Review: Janelle Monáe & Jidenna “Yoga”

Janelle Monáe levitates as she mediates in her apartment. She dances in front of the floor-length mirror as her friends talk on the bed. She and her friends dance. They perform a routine.

Wearing a crown, she walks between her friends as they practice yoga on the mats at the fitness center. She levitates as the women in the class dance.

At night, Jidenna sits at a diner and looks out the window. A young woman carries candelabras to his booth while the female server brings his waffles. They sit with him. A group of people press their hands against the window and watch them. Monáe and and the group of people dance in the diner.

Rating: 5/5

Janelle Monáe completes her report by the deadline. She exhales, opening her eyes. She grabs her laptop and hails a taxi. In the cab, she texts her intern and sends her some notes. Her intern asks if it’s okay if she suggests some ideas. Monáe texts back to jot them down and they’ll talk during a meeting.

She taps on her keyboard and checks the time. It was only 11 a.m. There was time to change things. She calls her intern and tells her she’s going to take her lunch. Over lunch, she tells her intern she’s doing a great job and that she’ll be a reference for her. The intern sighs with relief. Monáe says they have about a month left. However, she’ll be there for her and they can talk if she needs help finding a job.

She presses save on the report and sends it to her boss. Taking out her duffel bag, she walks to the fitness club. Laying on the yoga mat, she bends her back on the mat and touches her feet. The instructor tells them to hold it. She ignores her aching muscles and breathes. One of the young woman invites her out to coffee. She tells her she’ll meet up with her a few minutes. At the register, she talks to the cashier and offers to pay one of the young woman’s memberships. She had recently lost her job and had said she had to give up the classes. Monáe wanted to help her out. She says to please tell her but do not give her name. The cashier nods and says they’ll contact her about renewing her membership.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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