Video Review: Powfu & Beabadoobee “Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)”

Powfu cuddles with his girlfriend in bed. She blows him a kiss as he walks out of the bedroom.

He lies with his hands on his chest on his deathbed in the forest.

Back in bed, he kisses his girlfriend. He wraps the sheet over him like a ghost and climbs on her as she giggles. She puts a pillow over his head. He wheels her around in a grocery cart in the city. They stop at Wendy’s and order. At night, he skateboards on the sidewalk.

Back in the forest, he flops on the deathbed and walks around it.

She puts his arm around him as they walk by the lake. They hold hands as they run on the trail.

He sits up in his bed. Holding a rose, he knocks on his girlfriend’s door.

Rating: 2/5

Powfu closes his locker and watches his ex-girlfriend talk with a senior. He shuts his locker and walks past them. She gives him a dirty look as he bumps into her and continues with her conversation. He hangs his head and walks out of the back door of the school.

That was it. His life was over. He walks past his neighborhood and goes into the party store. In the beverage aisle. he picks out a 6-pack of beer. He wasn’t much of a drinker. However, he wanted to get drunk. The sales clerk asks if he’s twenty-one. He nods and the sales clerk rings him up. As he walks out of the store, he opens a can and drinks.

Stumbling home, he waves to a tree. One of his friends asks him if he’s all right. Powfu burps and says he got some liquid courage. One of his female friends cringes and says he’s can’t go home like it. He yells, “why not? It’s how I feel.” His best friend holds him as they walk to his home and say he needs to sleep it off.

Powfu falls asleep on his friend’s floor. He hears his best friend call his mom and say he’s going to spend the night. Powfu groans as he rolls over. He clutches his stomach. His female friend brings a bucket to him. She tells him it’ll get better. Someday, he’ll see his ex-girlfriend and he’ll feel nothing. Tears well up in his eyes and he says he wishes it could happen now. She sits on the floor next to him and puts her arm around him. He turns his head to the bucket.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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