Video Review: Evanescence “My Immortal”

In black-and-white, Amy walks barefoot on a fountain in Plaça de Sant Felip Neri in Barcelona, Spain. David leans forward while sitting on the piano bench in the terrace. Lee lies on a board. Ben walks down the square, glancing at the buildings.

David plays the piano. Children play jump rope as Amy continues to walk on the fountain. She lies on top of a car parked in the square. Gazing at the sky, she lies on the roof. She sits with her head on her knees while on a tree limb. She sits on top of a payphone.

The band (with the exception of Amy) play inside the home.

She holds back tears as she sits on top of the payphone and continues to lie on the roof.

Rating: 5/5

Ben throws his hands up and says he doesn’t know where they are going. Amy points to the right and says they should just go. David says “all right.” Ben declares they are so lost. Amy says they’ll find their way out. David’s jaw drops as he gazes at the buildings. Amy whispers that it’s beautiful. Ben rubs his hand over his face and says he needs a moment.

Amy grins as she sees the children playing and her heart sinks. Her best friend would’ve loved the fountain. He had always wanted to visit Spain. However, he didn’t get the chance. Although she had been thinking of him throughout the trip, she hadn’t felt his presence until now. Her lips quiver as she walks through the square. She climbs a tree and cries.

A butterfly rests on her knee and she says “hello.” It had to be him. He had adored nature. The butterfly flutters away. She watches the couples sitting on the patio at the cafe, laughing and taking pictures. She thinks of his girlfriend back home and how she hasn’t been able to talk to any one of his friends since his passing. Amy missed her and hoped she’ll reach out again when she’s ready. Amy chokes back tears. She couldn’t hold back her grief any longer.

Director: David Mould Year: 2003

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