Video Review: Lil Baby “All In”

Lil Baby types on his phone while the barber cuts his hair in his home. In his kitchen, he boils his jewelry and cleans a necklace with a toothbrush. He pours baking soda in the pot. In the dining room, he rests his feet on the table.

He gets in the back of a car with a friend. Back in the kitchen, he places the jewelry on paper towel to dry on the counter. At night, he stands by the hood of his car and smokes. In the kitchen, a towel catches fire and he puts it in the sink.

Rating: 3/5

Lil Baby goes over resumes for the security guard position with his assistant. His assistant offers his opinion and discusses each person with him. Lil Baby moves two resumes to the rejected pile. He asks his assistant about the third person. His assistant says he has a good track record. Lil Baby says let him know he has the job and they’ll run the background check.

He walks to the basement and opens the safe. He carries the box to the kitchen. Some of his friends borrowed his jewelry and it needed to be cleaned. Granted, he loved his friends. However, the sweat left on his jewelry could give him an infection. It was something he couldn’t risk. Two weeks being out would be missed paychecks. Although he had enough savings in the bank, he wasn’t guaranteed to make the money back.

Lil Baby texts his accountant and schedules a meeting. His friend tells him to unplug from his phone and forget business for awhile. Lil Baby tucks his phone in his pocket and says he wanted to go over some financial investments. His friend hands him a bottle of liquor and he shakes his head. His friend side-eyes him and gulps the liquor. Lil Baby says he’s cutting out liquor and trying to stay healthy.

Director: Keemotion Year: 2020

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