Video Review: Hosh, 1979 & Jalja “Midnight (The Hanging Tree)”

A young man rides his motorcycle through the snow-laden desert while lightning strikes in the night sky. A young woman walks on the road. He takes off his helmet and sees her gripping a container. She gets on the back of his motorcycle. They see their family car and stop. The young woman checks the glove box and finds a photo of her their parents. They continue to ride.

Their father sees them at the gas station while he pumps gas. She walks into the rest stop and searches the containers. On television, she watches a weather report that states a snowstorm warning has been issued. The storm hits as they continue to ride back home.

The young woman walks into the home and sees her 8-year-old sister in bed. She hugs her mother and sits beside her 8-year-old sister in bed. Her sister drinks the medicine. In the morning, they walk of the house and watch the birds fly in the sky.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman tucks her 8-year-old sister in while she sleeps. She walks to the kitchen and makes herself a cup of coffee. Sitting at the kitchen table, she glances out the window. Her father sits next to her and says he couldn’t sleep. She says she thinks of the people at the bus stop. Someone could’ve followed them. Her father says he’s been looking out the window all night and hasn’t seen anyone. The young woman puts on her jacket and says she’s going to stand on the porch.

A biting sound startles her and she turns to see it was a squirrel. She looks at the bushes and sees a bird resting on it. Her sister would’ve died without the medicine. They had no choice. Her father had found it through his source. She had questioned him who the source was. Her father told him it was best if she didn’t know.

She coughs and struggles to swallow. The cough had been with her since she had come home. She walks back inside and wraps herself inside the blanket. She had to be strong. Under the blanket, she shivers and pulls her arms close to her chest. She had to fight it off.

Director: Erelendur Sveinsson Year: 2020

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