Video Review: Kelis “Trick Me”

Against a tangerine background, Kelis dances under a white arrow pointing down at her. On the tangerine painted floor, a second white arrow points to her.

A young man and young woman dance under multiple arrows. The young woman dances by herself. Two young women dance by an oversized speaker.

The director moves his camera forward as Kelis continues to dance. A couple sitting on a royal blue chair watch her dance on television. Two young men dance by the oversized speaker.

She lies on multiple white arrows. Several people dance by the oversized speaker. Wearing a grey bra top and canary yellow miniskirt, she dances underneath the multiple arrows.

Rating: 2/5

Kelis grumbles as she pulls out weeds within the cracks of her driveway.  The young man says “Kelis?” She sees her ex-boyfriend and says “hello.” He says he’s so glad she was home and they’ll be able to talk. She stands up, brushes off her shorts and says she has to go. He says he can help her run her errand. She says she’s going to be late to pick up her mother. He tells her he just wanted to say “hi” and adds he’d been calling but her phone number changed. She rushes back inside her house as he stands in her driveway.

There was usually a catch involved with her ex-boyfriend. If he wanted to talk, it’d likely be on his terms. She’d had fallen for it once before with him. Giving him the benefit the doubt had been a mistake. He hadn’t changed. A person was a mark to him. His compliments were only a way to get her back in his bed.

She gets her keys as she glances in her driveway. He shuffled his feet by her porch. She opens her garage door and pulls out. He insists he can come with her. She asks him to not to contact her again and asks him to leave. In her mirror, she watches as he walks to his car and drives off. Once she sees him round the corner, she pulls back into her garage and walks inside her home.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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