Video Review: JackBoys & Young Thug “Out West”

Sitting in a chair, Travis Scott plays video games and stops to answer his phone. He asks the seventysomething man, “how you’re doing, bro? We’re having a party at seven. See you later.” He hangs up.

The seventysomething man knocks on the door and Scott lets him inside. A young man skateboards across the floor. A second young man falls down the stairs. A few twentysomething woman look at him and he watches Young Thug rap by the hot pink wall. While he walks in the crowd, he sees two young men fight. Two young women shake their butts.

As he opens to the door to the bathroom, he sees a second young woman passed out by the toilet. He washes his hands and looks in the mirror. Back in the family room, he watches as Scott waves a stack of money in his hand. He walks to the kitchen and makes himself a sandwich. After cutting it in half, he puts it on a plate and walks through the crowd. He eats it on the porch.

Rating: 2/5

Travis Scott dusts the seventysomething’s man’s table and asks him if he had fun at his party. The seventysomething man says there were a lot of pretty girls. Scott nods and says it wouldn’t be a party otherwise. He says he didn’t a chance to talk to Young Thug. though. Scott says he’s the social butterfly. He talked to him for about a half hour. Scott pats the seventysomething man on the arm and asks if he’s up for another adventure. The seventysomething man ask him what it involves. Scott shrugs and says he’ll have to go to find out.

The seventysomething man gets into Scott’s car. They drive to the Salton Sea. The seventysomething man takes his time as he steps on the carcasses of fish. They walk to the bar and drink. The seventysomething man knocks down several times. Scott tells him he’s still got it. The seventysomething man says he remembered to take his medication earlier.

As they drive home, Scott glances at the seventysomething man as he sleeps. He taps him on his hand and tells him it’s time to wake up as he exits the freeway. The seventysomething man tells him he a great day. Scott says it was good seeing him again and he’ll be over next week.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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