Video Review: Kelly Clarkson “My Life Would Suck Without You”

Kelly Clarkson grins as she swings in the park. She sees her 10-year-old self shove a 10-year-old boy to the ground. He gives her a “K” necklace. She hugs him. Ten-year-old swings.

Wearing the “K” necklace, she dangles the keys in front of her boyfriend. He chases her around the apartment. Clarkson looks out the window. She flushes the keys in the toilet. He throws up his hands, saying “No!”

Clarkson and her band perform on the roof.

Back as kids, she crosses her arms as they sit in the office, waiting to talk to the principal. As adults, they sit on the couch. While they read magazines, she takes his out of his hands and tosses it out the window. In turn, he does the same with her magazine. She walks to their bedroom and carries his clothes to the window. He tells her to stop and gestures he doesn’t care. She throws them out the window. He does the same to her. She grabs for her guitar and watches as it breaks on the pavement.

She takes the fishbowl. He puts the fish in a small cup. They both watch the bowl as it shatters. As they watch television, they cuddle on the couch. They play fight for the remote. As they drive, she takes of a photo of him on her phone and dances in her seat. She looks over her shoulder and smacks his arm with the map. He swerves to avoid hitting a car and parks the car. She kisses him.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kelly Clarkson sits in the chair and swings her leg as she waits in the store. He asks her about the t-shirt. She says she likes it. He asks her if she’s just saying that or trying to get home. She sighs, saying, “just trying to get home.” He tells her he’s going to get changed and then pay. At the register, she hands the cashier her credit card. He shakes his head at her and gives the cashier his. She says to him, “really?” He tells the cashier to split it in half.

While they carry their bags, she says she’ll get dinner. He says it’s not a big deal. She grunts that he’s so stubborn. He opens the trunk of the car and says she can’t things let go. Her jaw drops and walks to the passenger side in a huff. He says they both tossed clothes that were in the donation pile and he was the one who shouldn’t have taken her guitar, though. She says nothing has changed since they’ve been kids. He says “yet here we are.”

At home, she unlocks the cage and lets their puppy out. She says it’s going to take it outside. He says he’ll get the food. The dog starts to cough. She gives him a concerned look. He says he’ll call the emergency vet. As they sit in the car, she pets their puppy and he says they’ll make it there in ten minutes. She tells him to please be safe. He says their puppy is going to be fine and squeezes her hand. She kisses their puppy and tells it they are going to help make it feel better.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 2009

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