Video Review: Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber “Stuck With U”

A thirtysomething woman smiles as her daughter sits on her back. A thirtysomething man stands under their family photos. Three 17-year-olds stand in on a front lawn dance by the lake in their prom dresses. In a triple split screen, a twentysomething man dances in his hallway (left), Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher dance near the window (center), a 14-year-old boy dances with a 16-year-old young woman (right).

A 14-year-old young woman dances alongside her friend, a 14-year-old young man. In a triple split screen, Michael Buble hugs his wife (left), an 18-year-old young man and 17-year-old young woman dance near a homemade “Prom ’20” sign (center), a sixtysomething man holds up his dog (right).

A twentysomething man holds her 2-year-old in the family room. It changes into a triple split screen. A second twentysomething mom waves to the camera as she holds her baby (right). A 12-year-old boy dances with his 6-year-old sister (left).

Ariana Grande sits in a chair in her home. Hailey Baldwin laughs as Justin Bieber rests his head on her stomach in bed. In a split screen, a twentysomething woman, wearing headphones, holds up a sign “love” (left). A twentysomething man holds up a sign, saying “You.” (right). Two young men dance in their family room (lef). A 17-year-old young woman waves as she holds up a laptop. Her friend, whose seen on the laptop, grins. (right).

Bieber and Baldwin dance in their kitchen. Grande sits in her bed. In a triple split screen, a 15-year-old young woman dances in the bathroom (top), a second 16-year-old holds her Bieber pillow as she dances (bottom) and a 14-year-old young woman hugs a stuffed pink teddy bear (right).

A third twentysomething woman applies mascara on her eyes. In a triple split screen, a twentysomething woman blows the candles on her birthday cake (left), two 10-year-old girls dance with their cat (top) and a 15-year-old young man, wearing a gray sweatshirt dances by his Grande poster.

Grande cuddles with her dog, Toulouse in bed. In a split screen, a 17-year-old young man and woman hold up signs saying, “Thank you” and “Thank you to all the persons fighting against COVID-19!” (left). A fortysomething mom dances with her sleepy 2-year-old (right). In a split screen, a 16-year-old girl holds her cat (left), Gwyneth Paltrow dances with Brad Falchuk (center) and a thirtysomething man and his two boys make the heart sign in their kitchen (right).

In a quadruple split screen, Bieber and Baldwin walk on a trail (left), Jaden Smith stands against a scarlet background (left center), two thirtysomething man give the peace sign (right center) and a fiftysomething man smiles (right). In a triple split screen, a family of three sisters dances (left), a fortysomething woman dances in her wheelchair (center), and Kylie and Kendall Jenner dance on their tennis court (right).

In a split screen, two sisters hold their dog while their parents wave in the back (left). Stephen and Ayesha Curry drink as they lounge in their backyard. In a sextuple screen, Scooter Braun dances with his wife (top left), a fortysomething man hugs himself (top center) and two thirtysomething women dance in the kitchen (top right). An 11-year-old boy hugs his dog (bottom left), a fortysomething man and woman dance (bottom center) while Braun gives his dog a treat (bottom right).

Baldwin and Bieber box in their gym. In a split screen, Grande pours herself a glass of wine (top). On the bottom, a twentysomething woman pours herself a glass and drinks from the bottle. In a quintuple screen, Demi Lovato dances with her boyfriend, Max Ehrich underneath the stars (left), a 17-year-old young woman sits on the couch (top center), a teeanged young man (left center) and young woman (right center) hold their dogs. 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward dance in their family room. (right). In a triple split screen, Chance The Rapper kisses his wife as they dance (left), a twentysomething couple dances in front of the television (center) and a second twentysomething couple dance as they hold their baby. (right).

Grande hugs her boyfriend, Dalton Gomez in the bedroom. Bieber and Baldwin continue to dance in the kitchen.

Rating: 3.5/5

A 17-year-old young woman fixes her friend’s hair. She remarks that at least they are making use of their prom dresses. Her friend says she hopes college opens in the fall. She says she’s checked the website every day and hasn’t read anything. Her second friend says she was excited about living in the dorms. However, she doesn’t want to get sick. The 17-year-old young woman says she knows a state lockdown is coming and hopes to see her boyfriend tonight. Her second friend says they should have a sleepover like old times.  The 17-year-old young woman says they’ll stop by at their houses.

The fortysomething man calls tech support and lets them know he can’t get online. The thirtysomething man asks him to try several other things. The fortysomething man presses the keys and says nothing is working. The thirtysomething man’s dog barks in the background. The thirtysomething man apologizes. The fortysomething man says he understands. He has a kid he keeps running to and make sure he’s not drawing on something. The thirtysomething tells him to stay safe. The fortysomething man responds for him to be stay safe also.

The twentysomething grins as she blows out her birthday candles. On the laptop, her family members clap and cheer. Her brother pop opens a wine bottle. She brings the glass to the screen and cuts herself a slice. She thanks her grandma for the cake. Her grandma blows a kiss. She says she’ll stop by her home tomorrow but she’ll stay the window. Her grandma says she misses her.

Directors: Rory Kramer, Alfredo Flores, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Scooter Braun Year: 2020

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