Video Review: Diddy & Christina Aguilera “Tell Me”

A young woman asks Diddy, “would you like me to press play?” Diddy, as he sits in his chair, answers “please.” She carries the CD to the player and places it inside. Diddy presses the remote and watches Christina Aguilera dance in a  wind tunnel. The table next to him as the room shakes. His awards crash onto the floor. As he stands up, the wall cracks.

He ends up in the wind tunnel on the left side. Aguilera continues to dance on the right side of it. The tunnel’s walls give way to a royal blue and lavender lit stage. Aguilera dances while Diddy dances in silhouette. Dancers perform a routine. Diddy raps against a royal blue lit screen while Aguilera stands in silhouette.

Rating: 3/5

Diddy knocks on the wall. There had be a way back to his family room. The screen slides and changes to a 1960s home. Christina Aguilera listens to a music on a gramophone. He asks her where he is. Aguilera continues to sing, oblivious to him. He presses the wall and returns to the wind tunnel. Holding onto his coat, he struggles to walk on the floor and calls out for help.

A young woman walks to him and shouts she knows the exit. He follows her down an endless hall and opens a door. She says it was nice talking to him and hopes he returns home safe. He screams as he falls into dark hole. Spreading out his arms, he closes his eyes and prays.

Opening his eyes, he sees he’s sitting in his chair. The young woman asks him he’s okay and wipes his mouth with a cloth. He asks her how long he was gone. She says about five minutes. He says he’s going to read a book for awhile. She says she’ll get him something to drink.

Director: Erik White Year: 2006

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