Video Review: Groove Theory “Keep Tryin'”

Amel leaves her home with suitcases in each hand. She turns to look at her mom, who avoids her gaze and walks through several neighborhoods. She sits on a hotel bed. In the evening, she waits at the bus stop. While on the bus, she looks out the window and closes her eyes.

Bryce Wilson talks with his friends by a theater in the city. Amel passes a restaurant as she walks in the city. The bellboy helps Amel with her luggage at the hotel. Bryce’s girlfriend kisses him as they leave their room. He places a note underneath her door.

Amel smiles as she joins Wilson and his friends at a party. Wilson plays the drums as she sings.

Rating: 4/5

Amel opens the refrigerator in Bryce Wilson’s home and explains that her mom still hasn’t returned her call. She says it’s been a few months now and she’s doing fine. He says perhaps her mom thought she would’ve failed. Amel says she had to be on her own eventually. Wilson’s girlfriend says she’ll come around. Amel says she even offered him to visit her apartment. She says she’s tired of talking to the machine.

Bryce and his girlfriend had become dear friends to her. She had run into them at the hotel. They had started talking over the continental breakfast. They had been staying there until the builders finished. She told him she had had left home without any help. They gave the name of a realtor and suggested apartments in the area.

About a month ago, Wilson called to check on her. She thanked him for his help and said she was able to get the job. He asks her if she’d like to go to a party at his home. She says that she’ll be able to go. It was then she truly at home in her new city. She finally had her own group of friends. However, she’d wish her mom would speak to her.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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