Video Review: Luke Bryan “One Margarita”

A boat sails on the ocean in Riviera Cancun, Mexico. Luke Bryan stands on the sand, holding a drink and dancing with friends and family.

At a restaurant, he pours some margarita in the glasses on the patio. The top of stage can be seen for his “Crash My Playa” tour. People wait in line to get to their seats. Two people, dressed as Day of the Dead skeletons, wave. A mariachi band plays behind Bryan on the beach.

Bryan makes drinks for his family on his boat. He plays with his band on the beach. They stand in between sculptures. During the concert, fans throw giant beach balls. Caylee Hammack dances next to Bryan on the beach.

Bryan performs on stage in the evening.

Rating: 2.5/5

Luke Bryan hands his wife a margarita. His wife takes a long sip  and holds his hand as they lounge by the pool. She says she doesn’t ever want to leave. His mom walks over to them and says they have all week to sit down. She urges them to get up. They glance at one another and giggle as she downs her drink. He says he’s going to talk to the bartender.

Caylee Hammack orders a drink and tells Bryan his mom is really funny. Bryan laughs and says she’s having the time of her life. Hammack says she’s going to take the submarine tour tomorrow. Bryan says she’ll enjoy it. She checks the time on her phone and says she’s going to be late for rehearsal. She says she’s so nervous. It’s the biggest crowd she’s ever had. Bryan tells her she’ll do fine. His wife wishes her good luck.

His wife sighs and says she’s headed for the spa. She gives him a kiss and says she’ll be back in time for his show. Bryan says he, Matt and Trevor are going to go golfing. She asks if he has anyone keeping an eye on his mom. He says Geoff and Whit volunteered to play cards with her. She says she hopes his mom doesn’t cause any trouble for two hours. He says she likes Geoff and Whit. His wife walks away and blows him a kiss.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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