Video Review: Nelly Furtado “All Good Things (Come To An End)”

Wearing a strapless white dress, Nelly Furtado walks on the shore on a beach in Puerto Rico.

She and her boyfriend kiss against the wall of their home. They hold each other while water pours on them from the backyard shower.

In the evening, she lies on the sand.

Her boyfriend looks up at a small, wooden dinner table hanging upside down from a tree in the dank forest. He hangs from it and falls on the ground. A spoon lands on dirt. Wearing a striped teal and black turtleneck, she dances against an onyx background. He digs the spoon into the cup and puts his head down as white sand covers him.

Against a black background, Furtado pours a glass of water at the dinner table. She gets up and leaves.

Wearing her white, strapless dress, she walks to the dank forest, looks up at the upside down table and laughs. Picking up the spoon from the chair, she scrapes the glass. Closing her eyes, white sand pours on her head.

She touches his face as the outdoor showerhead blasts water on them. They hug.

Rating: 5/5

Nelly Furtado handwaves the history with her ex-boyfriend as she talks with his current girlfriend. She tells her it was ages ago and they’ve been friends longer than they ever dated. His girlfriend nods and bites her lip. Furtado says if it matters, their relationship ran its course. She adds that she’s lucky and good to see him actually in love. His girlfriend says it’s okay but she has to talk with her other guests now.

Furtado sits next to one of ex-boyfriend’s mutual friends and says she had the dreaded girlfriend talk. He says that every girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend is going to be intimidated by her. She shrugs and says there’s nothing there anymore. His friend says they’ve gotten together sometime in between, though. Furtado places her napkin over her knees and says “Yeah. Those few times.” He says for her to hang in there.

After dinner, she gets her coat and tells her ex-boyfriend and girlfriend it was a wonderful dinner. Her ex-boyfriend says they were going to hang out for awhile. She says she’s been working a lot lately and needs to sleep. He hugs her and says it was good seeing her. His girlfriend smiles at her and says it was nice meeting to her. Furtado smiles at his girlfriend and says she hopes they to get to hang out again. Furtado sits in her car for a few minutes and stares at her hands.

Director: Gabriel Coss & Israel Lugo Year: 2007

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