Video Review: Pop Smoke “Dior”

Pop Smoke drives with his friend in his Ferrari and park in the city. His friend waits as he gets some food. A young man stares him down as he walks into the restaurant. In the parking lot, a second young man talks with his friend says he saw Pop.

The young women at the strip club shake their butts. He sits in the middle of the stage, counting his money. During the day, he sits on the hood of his car and talks with his friends. Back at the strip club, a thirtysomething woman holds up a bottle. Money is thrown in the air at the young women dancing. Smoke dances with one of his friends on stage. A second young woman does the splits.

A third young woman and second young man dance in the parking lot. A third young man types on his phone. Back at the restaurant, he returns to the car without any food and drives off. He stops at the traffic light and looks at the person in the black car. They both take off. Their friends stand in the parking lot.

Smoke shakes the hands of one of his friends while it rains in the parking lot. An unusual sound causes them to turn their heads.

Rating: 2.5/5

Pop Smoke clutches his stomach as it growls. His friend says they should get something to eat. Smoke looks around and tells his friend he doesn’t see anybody. His friend says they might be inside. Smoke walks to the entrance and a young man glares at him. He watches the young man go back to his car and he heads back to his friend. His friend asked him what happened. He says there was a guy there who seemed to be tracking him and they have to go.

Smoke parks in the strip club. At the counter, he and his friend order chicken wings. Smoke talks with the bartender. A young woman sits beside him. He grins at her and she asks her how she’s doing. She says it’s been a slow night. He gives her a $100 tip and orders her a drink. She talks to him about her family. They’ve been questioning where she works and want to see the place. He says she can drive by his office. He’ll find a desk for her to sit at. She says she’s just going to tell her parents the truth.

On stage, a second young woman laughs as she watches Smoke dance. She waves him up on stage. He dances with her. Multiple people throw people at them. He hands all the money to her. She walks off the stage with him and says she’s so tired. One of the girls quit and she’s been working extra shifts. Smoke says that’s awful. She says she has tomorrow and she plans to run some errands. Smoke offers to run some for her. She thanks him but says it’ll be good to be somewhere else for an hour or two. Smoke says to call him just in case. She pats him on the back and says he’s a great friend. As she walks out, she waves goodbye to the servers.

Director: JLShotThat Year: 2019


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