Video Review: Crystal Waters “What I Need”

In black-and-white, Crystal Waters, paces in the bathroom, her feet creating a shadow underneath the locked door.

Wearing a slip dress and fur coat, she sits on the toilet. A tiny record spins on her forehead. She sits on the towel rack, her feet on the toilet cover. She leans against the garbage can and bangs on the door.

She sits in the bathtub, running her hands through the water and stands up in it. She lies on the floor. A pinwheel spins in the air. An alarm clock, a disco ball, television, a hand and globe float near her forehead. TV dinners float in the air. A trophy appears on her forehead. A man’s sock hangs in the air.

She continues to lie on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

A man asks, “are you okay?” Crystal Waters washes her hands and says she’ll be out in a minute. She sits on the bathroom floor and tries to think of the man’s name. She glances and see the window. Climbing on the sink, she tries to open it. The man asks if she needs any help. As the window opens, she thinks of her handbag on the floor in his bedroom. It’ll have to stay there. As she lands on the grass in her bare feet, she heads to the end of the block.

While she walks to a payphone, she runs into a classmate from high school. With shopping bags hanging on her wrist, her old friend exclaims, “Oh my god! What happened? Do you need me to call the police?” Waters cringes and responds, “no.” Her old friend says she’ll get her some shoes and offers her a ride in her sports car. Waters clenches her teeth as she steps on some rocks as she walks to the curb. Closing the car door, she thinks of how she could be having her old friend’s life right now.

Both had competed to be valedictorian of the class. Waters won by a tenth of point. Her teachers told her they were looking forward to what she would accomplish. However, in college, she had started going to the dance club and staying out all hours. She barely made it to class and lost her scholarship. Whatever money she had left went towards bottle service. Since college, she had gone from job to job. Her old friend drops her off at the bus stop and gives her some money. She writes her number on the receipt for the shoes and says she can call anytime. Waters takes the box and says she might take her up on it. Waters watches her drive off. Her old classmate is going to have a story to tell about how Waters turned out to be a mess. However, she many more tales that would make her old classmate life jealous.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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