Video Review: Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar”

Against a black background, a message reads: “This video is dedicated to touching. May 18, 2020.”

Harry Styles, wearing an orange crotchet tank top and chestnut brown pants, walks to a table on the beach. He sets the watermelon by the orange juice on the table. In a split screen, he runs his finger over the slice of watermelon (left). Wearing aqua sunglasses, he stares at his plate (right). He leans back in his chair and breathes in the air. He spins the slice of watermelon on the plate and takes a bite of it.

Several young women close their eyes as they sit on the beach. Styles wipes his mouth with a napkin and drinks his coffee. A young woman, wearing white star earrings, sits with a watermelon between her legs. A second young woman feeds Styles as he lies on a blanket. He sits up and feeds her. A group of young men and women rest their heads, arms and legs on each other.

He laughs as he stands in the group of people. A third young woman puts her head on his shoulder. In a split screen, a tiered candy dish of berries, strawberries and watermelon sits on a blanket (left). He sits up on the blanket  and eats a strawberry (right).

Someone feeds him a slice of watermelon. A fourth young woman touches his chin while a fourth young woman kisses his cheek. He rests his head on a young woman’s leg as he sits on a blanket. Styles and several young women stand together in a line and fall onto their blankets on the grass. As the people stand together in a group, Styles sits off to the side and eats some watermelon. He sets the timer and joins the group for a photo. They offer each other their slices of watermelon. A fifth young women covers Styles’ eyes with her hands.

He throws a beach ball over his head. It lands in the ocean as the group of people walk in the water. He drinks the juice from the watermelon and splashes his hands in the water. The sun sets as they stand together, raising their arms over their heads.

Rating: 4/5

Harry Styles munches on his croissant and gazes at the ocean. Two of his female friends wave at him while a server seats them at the table next to him. The server hands them menus. One of his female friends asks if she can take a bite. He holds out for her and she takes a bite. She closes her eyes as she chews. Heaving a breathless sigh, she says it’s heavenly. He says she should try it with some butter. “Yes,” she answers, “yes, I would.” They stare into one another eye’s as he puts the butter on the croissant. She opens her mouth and let him put it in her mouth. As she bites, she nods and covers her mouth.

A young man and woman sit across from him. She asks Styles if he’s had the pancakes. He says the pancakes are luscious and moist. She gives him a shy smile and says her mouth is watering. The young man touches his stomach and says he needs bacon. Styles whispers to him that he won’t be disappointed. The bacon is cooked just right and it’s a perfect length.

He walks from table to table and talks with his friends. They say the breakfast is marvelous. He says be prepared for a great day. His friends lie in the sun and talk. He asks the server to bring some more seltzer for everyone. In the afternoon, he asks everyone to gather together for a group photo. Some of his friends order some champagne as they walk on the beach. A few of his friends swim. He walks in the water. One of his friends pushes him into the water. He and his friend get in a splash fight. Walking out of the water, he towels himself off. Taking a glass of champagne, he takes a bow and thanks his friends for sharing the day with him.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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