Video Review: Changing Faces “Foolin’ Around”

Cassandra laughs as she sits with Charisse and two mutual friends at Cafe di Nonna. She asks Charisse, “what are you going to have?” They turn and watch some young men walk past the window. She leans over and tells Cassandra, “we have to talk.”

Cassandra applies blush on her face while her boyfriend is out with his friends. Her boyfriend slaps his friend’s truck and walks in their home. She sits on the bed, Charisse, wearing a nightie, waits for her boyfriend as he talks on the phone in the family room.

Cassandra and Charisse walk around the city, carrying their shopping bags.

Charisse’s boyfriend puts his hand on her arm as she walks away from him in their home. Cassandra walks out of the store with her boyfriend. They sit on a park bench and watch the sunset on the pier. Charisse smiles as her boyfriend talks on the payphone. In the bedroom, she gestures for him to cut it out as they talk. As they sit on the couch and continue to talk, Cassandra appears as a ghost and slaps him. Charisse laughs. Cassandra pulls up in her  car and glares at him as Charisse gets inside. She puts her hand to his face and drives off. They sing along to the radio.

Rating: 3/5

Charisse hangs her new clothes in Cassandra’s closet and says she needed the retail therapy. Cassandra squeals and exclaims she’s so happy they are living together again. Charisse says they have to promise to not let guys come between them again. Cassandra says she wouldn’t allow it. She’d have both of their mutual friends calling her and giving her a talk. Charisse laughs. She was really glad Cassandra was her best friend. She’d do anything for her.

Cassandra rolls her eyes as her ex-boyfriend leaves a message on her answering machine. Charisse says she should at least call him back. Cassandra says she’s not going to give him the satisfaction. They have to stay strong and not fall for their lies. Charisse says her ex-boyfriend is nothing hers. He seems to have some sense. Cassandra grumbles that he doesn’t have enough to know he made a mistake.

Charisse opens the door and gasps. Her ex-boyfriend stands at the door with a bouquet of flowers. She shakes her head and says they aren’t going through it again. He cheated on her and she can’t get it out of her mind. He says it’s not like that and he really loves her. Cassandra crosses her arms and asks him to leave their home. He raises his hands and places the flowers on the doorstep. Staring at Charisse, he says to call him. They watch as he walks to his car. Cassandra asks her if she’s okay. Charisse wipes some tears and says she’s fine. She bursts into tears. Cassandra rushes to the bathroom and grabs some tissue. She gives her the tissue and says she should lie down. Charisse blows her nose and says a nap might do her some good. Charisse sighs and hopes her friend will get through the breakup. She despised Charisse’s ex-boyfriend for toying with her feelings. She may have to pay him a visit.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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