Video Review: Robbie Doherty & Keees. “Pour The Milk”

Keees., wearing a puffy blue dress, calls out “hi guys!” She claps her hands as she says, “welcome back to my channel! Today, we are talking about a really special product.” She holds up a gallon of milk and points while saying, “and all the different ways you can use it.” Swinging the gallon around, she says, “let’s get started.” A subscribe button remains in the bottom right corner.

She runs to the refrigerator and kicks her leg while she opens the door. She grabs two cartons. At the kitchen table, she pours a glass of milk. She stares at the full glass in her hand and licks her lips. She drinks it. Holding a second glass to her face, she moves her eyebrows back and forth.

She dances by a leaf-patterned wall in her kitchen. She puts the gallon to her lips and pretends to drink. In a triple split screen, she drinks milk in each one. Back to the single screen, milk drips from her lips. She dances with the carton and licks it.

She dunks a cookie in a jar of milk and spills it on the kitchen counter. After wiping it off with the sponge, she squeezes it into her mouth. She drinks milk from a beer helmet. Sitting on top of a ladder, she pours milk on the floor. Lying on the floor with cereal in her mouth, she pours the milk right into her mouth. She drinks it out of a baby bottle, shot glasses and her sneaker.

With a paintbrush, she rubs milk over her face. She holds a heart in her hand while “blood pressure” is written over it. Gripping the cup, her arm becomes skeletal while it says “strong bones” over the glass. Spinning around, she holds a skull over her face. Pouring it in the bathroom sink, she washes her toothbrush with it and brushes her teeth. She punches holes in the carton and drinks from it. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, she empties it in it and lies in it.

She sits back in her chair and catches her breath.

Rating: 2/5

Keees. groans as she walks around her house and clutches her stomach. The smell of sour milk was near to her. Gagging, she grabs a cloth and cleans her couch. She thought she got it all out. It was in her nose and and as she walked by the laundry, she gulped. Her hand on the wall, she bent over until the nausea passed.

She checks her account and see if the milk company deposited their payment. It was $100 but it would be enough to buy some clothes. While she sets up her video equipment, she slides onto the ground. Her new video wasn’t going to get done. She sends out a quick post on social media that she’s not feeling well and won’t have any videos for the week. A fan asks if it was because of the milk. She blocks the person.

As an influencer, she wanted to educate her viewers. She googled studies and offered her opinions on various health issues. She posted health guides on her websites. Although her fanbase was growing, she believed she could do some good. However, getting sick from the milk would ruin any credibility and she couldn’t lose any of 300 followers.

Director: Max Siedentopf Year: 2020

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