Video Review: Kehlani “All Me/Change Your Life”

A futuristic subway train travels on the rail. Royal blue and hunter green lights flash throughout the cars. “Sorry,” written in red, dries on the window.

Wearing a hunter green crop top and shorts, she stands in the center of the train. As the lights flash blue, several young men dance by the windows. A young man sits in the seat. She sits across from him. She dances on top of a building.

Wearing a silver jacket, jeans and a t-shirt, she stands in a parking lot. She hangs outside the passenger side of a car while it does donuts in the parking lot. In an orange dress and white go-go boots, she dances in a warehouse. Two other Kehlanis lean against poles in the warehouse.

A note reads on the screen: “Oakland (winter).” She smiles as she talks with her boyfriend in his convertible. Their friends sit in the backseat. They watch the sunset on the beach. A twentysomething young and man hold hands as they stand in front of their fence. A 10-year-old girl holds a magnifying glass to her face. A second young man holds his boyfriend’s hand as they sit on their stoop. A fiftysomething man stands next to a fiftysomething woman, who is sitting on a chair, at their house. A sixtysomething man and woman dance in their kitchen.

At night, the couples walk to their apartments. Kehlani leans against a car.

Rating: 4/5

Kehlani excuses herself and walks to the bathroom. Her boyfriend continues to talk with her friend. As she returns to the family room, one of her friends tells her that her boyfriend is so nice now. She was expecting a sarcastic comment or something. Kehlani grins and says they had plenty of discussions about it. Her friend says he really loves her and wanted to become a better person for her.

She, though, had to get him to used to people first. He said whatever he wanted without thinking. Most of it was rude. One of her friends had stopped talking to her for a few months after a particular shady comment. When she reached out to the former friend, her friend says she was hurt that she would allow her boyfriend to degrade her. Kehlani realized she had been too understanding and needed to say something. He had pushed back, saying she was at fault, too. She told him to straighten up his attitude or she’ll go. She had no time for it. There were slip-ups and arguments in between. She did break up with him for two months about him not telling her he had was looking for a home.

Kehlani drinks a glass of wine and puts her hand on his shoulder as she rejoins the conversation with her friend. Her friend talks about her favorite reality show. Her boyfriend nods and says she makes a good point. Kehlani squeezes his shoulder. He despised reality shows and believed they were the trash. The things that were probably going through his head! Her friend invites her to a viewing party for the finale next weekend. She says they’ll be there.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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