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In a clip from the 1995 film, Batman Forever, a bat silhouette forms as The Riddler (Jim Carrey) sits in his chair, saying “riddle me this, riddle me that. who’s afraid of the big black bat?”

Animated bats fly  by a gargoyle statue in Gotham City and underneath a helicopter as The Fly (Bono) stands on top of the building. A red painted wall is graffitied with “The Bat Must Die.” Adam. The Edge, and Larry perform on the Zoo TV stage. A disco ball swings from a tower.

In a clip, Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) watches a coin toss. Harvey Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) grabs the coin. The animated disco ball swings into a building and it collapses. In a clip, Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer) wakes up in bed. The Fly climbs on a billboard sign.

In a clip, Edward Nygma (Carrey) tries to get his inventions to work in the lab. He gyrates his hips at The Riddler. He gets electrocuted by his helmet. An animated Riddler wears the helmet as he walks on the amplifier on the Zoo TV stage. Green slime pours through the city. In a clip, Batman (also Kilmer) gets locked in a chamber. An animated hand presses a button. Back in the clip, Batman swings past the Statue of Liberty and crashes into it with the Batwing. Batman and Robin (Chris O’Donnell) walk in silhouette by the Batman logo.

On the animated screens, the Batman logo changes into MacPhisto’s face. Fly leaps from the buildings and gets swarmed by reporters on top of a building. In a comic strip, Fly flies in the air, hanging onto his golden halo. Back in the city, he hangs on a power line and returns to the stage. He fights MacPhisto. Larry and the Edge aim their flamethrowers at a helicopter. MacPhisto gets into the car. Bono reads a book and screams as Elvis hits him as he drives. He struggles to get out of the restraints at the hospital. His chest turning red, he breaks through. Snapping his fingers, he becomes MacPhisto to the horror of his band members and the doctors.

MacPhisto dances with a young woman, who has piece of cloth around her mouth. Several men. dressed as Batman, watch him. MacPhisto rotates being himself and Batman. The bats fly within the comic book panel.

Rating: 5/5

MacPhisto cackles as he finishes talking with The Riddler. The Riddler had outlined his plot to take revenge on Gotham City. According to the Riddler, his inventions were stolen and Batman was allowing it. Batman was going to get his wings clipped. MacPhisto told him it was marvelous plan that would bring doom to the city. The Riddler had said that was his intention.

Harvey Two-Face, who once had been a good man and ally to MacPhisto in their human years, had been damaged by a broken heart. Batman’s new love, Dr. Chase Meridian, wouldn’t live to see their first kiss but not much more. He vowed that Batman would never get to experience any happiness.

Adam, Larry and the Edge recoil at the sight of him. They threaten him with weapons. MacPhisto rubs his hands together and say he intends no harm. He says Gotham is under siege and Batman has accepted to foil The Riddler’s master plan. His band members ask what they have to do.

A young woman pleads for MacPhisto not to kill her. She says she knows about Harvey Two-Face and can give him information. MacPhisto cocks his head. He hadn’t expected her to be familiar with the criminal underground. MacPhisto sits and crosses his legs. He pats the seat next to him and asks her to tell him her secrets. She says Harvey Two-Face has set up a trap for Batman at the Statue of Liberty. It’ll lead to death. He tells her she’s free and contacts his band members. Batman hands him the keys to the Batwing and informs MacPhisto not to crash it again. MacPhisto crosses his fingers and says, “promise.”

As he flies towards the Statue of Liberty, MacPhisto tells Batman to go to The Riddler’s laboratory. Batman says he has to save Chase. MacPhisto says he can handle Two-Face. However, The Riddler captured Chase. His band members were able to get to her. Batman says he’s heading over. MacPhisto presses the missile button on the Batwing and aims it towards Two-Face.

Directors: Kevin Godley & Maurice Linnane Year: 1995

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