Video Review: 6ix9ine “Gooba”

A lavender shark with rainbow teeth chuckles against a teal background.

6ix9ine gives the middle finger while the several young women, each dressed in single primary color crop top and boy shorts, with matching hair, shakes their butts against the teal wall. A picture of the shark is in center.

As the lights flash, the young women shake their painted-covered butts as they stand on all fours on the floor. He stands in the center, In a rainbow-striped room, he dances and sits on the floor with his dog, who licks his face.

While the lights continue to flash, a young woman, wearing a red bikini, dances with her sleeves to her elbows. Holding an umbrella, he continues to dance. He twirls the second young woman, who is dressed in a yellow outfit.

A third young woman, wearing a pink outfit, blows a kiss. A fourth young woman, wearing a lime outfit, smiles and touches her ponytail. He kisses the second young woman on the cheek as they dance. As the lights flash, he holds up the umbrella and he has the face of an animated rat.

An assistant helps him untangle his hair from the umbrella. He shows off his ankle monitor. The young woman grabs her breasts as she dances. He smiles.

Rating: 0/5

6ix9ine rubs the young woman’s back and says she’s beautiiful. He stares at her cleavage while she talks about being happy he’s out of jail. His dog runs up to him and he pets it. He feeds his dog a treat and tells him he’s the cutest boy. The directors say they’ll come back tomorrow.

He sits on the couch and scratches his ankle. The light flashes on it as he moves it up. As he watches television, he grins as he thinks of the young women’s bodies. He had to excuse himself during filming to get control of himself. They were really nice, too. They let him touch them and stare at them all he wanted.

He walks to the balcony and see the lights on in the city. In a few months, he’ll be able to join his friends when they go out to the clubs. The young women had invited him out and it had hurt him to say no. He explained the rules of his house arrest but told him they can always talk on the phone.

His monitor beeps and he calls the supervisor offices. The supervisor officer asks him about the shoot. He says went well and sends him pictures. His supervising officer tells him to have a good night. He says he will and ends the call. It beeped at random times and sometimes woke him up in the middle of the night. The beeps didn’t bother him. It was better than the alternative.

Directors: Canon48, David Wept & 6ix9ine Year: 2020

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