Video Review: Miranda Lambert “Bluebird”

A bluebird stands on the perch inside a golden cage sitting on a table. The bluebird looks out the window as the curtains sway from the light wind.

Miranda Lambert smiles as she moves a royal blue feather from her face. In her golden birdcage, she looks up at the light on the ceiling of the lounge. She sits on the perch as the birdcage rotates. A twentysomething man in a suit watches. A twentysomething woman, with a royal blue headpiece, grimaces as she holds onto her drink. A second twentysomething stares at her as he sips his drink. A third twentysomething watches from the balcony.

Wearing a feathery, royal blue dress, she moves her gloves down on her room and revealing her tattoos. She blows glitter to the crowd.

The bluebird walks on the table and turns its head. It flaps its wings as it stands on the windowsill. It flies away. Lambert walks into the city in the early morning.

Rating: 3.5/5

Miranda Lambert puts on a sweatshirt and jeans. Sitting on the couch, she reads her favorite romance book while a breeze comes in through the screen door in her family room. Her dog leaps to her lap and paws at her book. She scratches his ears and puts her book down. He was big, gentle lug. As a puppy, he would growl at her whenever she patted his paw. However, she took him to a trainer and worked with him. He knew he was loved now.

She was thinking of adopting another dog. He needed a friend to keep him company while she was at work. Her phone beeps and one of her friends suggests a guy she can date. She tells her thanks but she’s not looking for anyone. Being on her own was freeing. Her ex-husband had resented her for being successful at her job. Her last promotion had met with a sneer, “another one?” He, however, had stayed home and claimed to be developing a major idea that would change their lives. She stopped believing in it after she had seen him talking in hushed tones in the kitchen. The major idea would only be for his life. She had decided then she needed to watch out for herself.

Her time was hers now. She didn’t have to answer to anyone and take time off when she wanted. Although a relationship would be fine, she wasn’t ready to have someone’s issues impact her life again. However, it had only been about a year. She had only caught her breath.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2020

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