Video Review: Prince & Sheena Easton “U Got The Look”

Prince lies back in his chair and nods off in his dressing room. A young woman next to him irons clothes on the ironing board while a second young woman walks past him, carrying a top.

In Paris, France, he dreams of Sheena Easton walking into the Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy and sitting in the dressing room. She picks up an ad for a Prince show and thinks of him dancing on stage. Sheila E. plays the drums on the table. Several dancers crawl on the floor. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Easton drives at night in the city while Prince and his band have their huddle before the show.

He and his band walk on stage. While his band plays, he turns around to face the audience. Sheena Easton, wearing a peach and black outfit, weaves through the dancers and stands on stage. Prince leaps from the stairs. Against a black background, Easton, wearing a low-cut dress, dances to the music. Prince spots her on stage and grins. He sings directly to her as he stands next to her.

One of the female dancers follows him around and tries to get him to notice her. She pulls him back to the platform as he continues to stare at Easton. Prince falls on the ground as she drags him. He stands up and plays while the female dancer stands behind him. She and Prince flex their muscles as they stand in silhouette on stage.

Prince wakes up in his chair and puts his fingers to his mouth.

Rating: 3.5/5

The female dancer snaps the note out of Prince’s hand as he sits by the phone. She sits down and reads it, saying, “Sheena? Really?” Prince grabs it from her and says she’s really beautiful and sweet. The female dancer rolls her eyes and shrugs. She says Easton hasn’t contacted him and he should be interested in someone a bit more realistic. Leaning into him, she says like someone from work. Prince shakes his head and says he’s going to get something to eat.

While eating dinner, one of his band members asks if he heard from Easton yet. Prince shifts his pasta noodles on the plate and says “no.” He says it would be a dream come true if she were to show up. The band member says that Easton may still contact him.

Prince practices a riff during rehearsal. A young man says he has a call. Prince tells him to take a message. The young man says it’s Easton. Prince tells everyone to take a break. He rushes to his dressing room and answers the phone. Easton asks him about rehearsal. He says he was just fine-tuning some things. Easton says she’ll be audience tonight. Prince says, “wait” and gives her information as to where to enter the venue. Easton says she’ll try to make it before the show starts and they can talk. He tells her to have someone know she’s there and contact him. Easton says she will and says she’ll see him soon. Prince smiles and says, “it’ll be a good time.” He hangs up the phone. Prince walks back to the stage, his hand shaking as he plays the guitar.

Director: David Hogan Year: 1987


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